Blogging Tip: Genealogy Memes

Just a quick note about several of the memes in which most geneabloggers participate.  It helps if you place the name of the meme in your post title.  Example:

Tombstone Tuesday – Headstone of . . . .

Wordless Wednesday – My Grandmother . . .

Madness Monday – An Ancestor Who Drives Me Crazy

In order for the post aggregators in the sidebar to work, the name of the meme should be somewhere in the post title.  This way the post gets tagged and will show up properly.  

Do You Have a Genealogy True Confession?

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings is up to his old Saturday night games with his latest: True Confessions of a Genealogy Junkie.

Take a look and consider answering Randy’s ten insightful questions over at your own blog.  

And you can visit the confessional booth of the other geneabloggers here and find out some interesting information about your fellow genealogy junkies.

Wordless Wednesday

Today, being Wednesday, is when many geneabloggers participate in a recurring meme known as Wordless Wednesday.

To find out more about Wordless Wednesday and its origins, check out the wiki article over at gene@pedia: Wordless Wednesday.

And check out our new widget (in the sidebar on the left) displaying all the current Wordless Wednesday posts by geneabloggers. In order for this widget to pick up your post and include it in the display, make sure you use the words “Wordless Wednesday” in the post title.