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peter loveday

I have the pleasure of introducing you to Peter Loveday and his blog, A Families Inheritance, described as, “. . . This where I talk about my family history, South Australia, with a bit my own history thrown in for good measure. I believe that a blog should shine a light onto my ancestors and through my efforts reveal their accomplishments, disasters, loves, sorrows, successes and how they lived.

It should also allow me to discuss the research and discovery that I am undertaking. Hopefully, it will also provide a medium for other family members to see what I have uncovered about our family.

I found myself immersed in the story of Richard John Loveday my Great, Great Grandfather and his two wives, Bridget O’Shea and Sarah Sadgrove, and 11 children, determined to discover more. What I found was fascinating and revealing. His story is appearing on my blog and will be a new episode each post.”

A Little About Peter

“I am a proud Australian and am a native of Adelaide, South Australia.  I enjoy telling the story of my family and at the same time show what it was to have lived in Australia in times past. It was a tough life in a harsh and uncompromising country. But tame it they did.

Books, reading and producing have been my life and worked in the Printing Industry most of my life.

In semi-retirement, I established a small Book Publishing business concentrating on Australian Authors, both printed and eBooks. This also included reviews and promotion of new Authors.

My wife and I spent 25 years in New South Wales, working at our own business and upon semi- retirement, travelled in and around Australia in a large caravan with our two dogs, MiMi and Lucy. My wife writing books and I ran the Book Publishing business. We have now fully retired back in our home town, Adelaide, having given up the Grey Nomad lifestyle and settled in with our family nearby.”

What Got Peter Started in Genealogy

“I am the fourth generation Loveday male of this line and was fortunate enough to have been left a wonderful Family History book that my father, George, had compiled on our first generation, prior to his death in 1977. Since then I have added to the wealth of knowledge about the Loveday family and continually keep looking for more.

Names I am researching are – Taylors, Browns, Fishers, O’Shea, Sadgrove, Kluge and Loveday.

The advice that I received from many quarters was to also develop both sides of my family and this has led me into many more fascinating discoveries. My Paternal Great Grandmother, Clara Kluge has a wonderful story that I am currently researching.

My purchase of the software, Family Tree Maker, made it possible to create a useable database and generate reports, build a .pdf Book and understand the relationship of the three generations of family on the page view, which is one of its best features.

Living as I was in NSW, it was not easy to obtain the necessary information that is not always available on the Internet.  The Volunteers staff at the South Australian State Library were wonderful and their assistance made it possible to follow my quest into the Loveday family. I would ask for a ‘lookup’ and the next day an email would come in with the information that I requested. It was fantastic!

Now living back in Adelaide, I am able to do my own research and am able to visit Mount Pleasant, the home of my Grt, Grandfather Alexander and my Grandfather Frederick. My Father, George, also spent much of his childhood in this Adelaide Hills township.

My full time retirement has now allowed me to devote most of my time to Family History.

Like all young people, my father’s interest in the family history did not seem all that riveting whilst I was growing up. However, once I read of my Grt. Grt Grandfather Richard Loveday’s life I was hooked. He was a man of his time and brought his wife and 3 children on a hazardous journey from 1840’s England to a new settlement called Adelaide, which was just 4 years old!

A Surveyor and Corporal with the Royal Sappers & Miners, he performed many difficult trips to discover and document the fascinating features of this new Colony. His strong relationship with the Indigenous Aboriginals was so important to the success of his missions. This was enough to fire my interest!

My late father, George William Loveday, wrote and published a Family History of our Loveday line. This book was the inspiration that I needed to expand and develop our history. The resources Dad had available to him at that time are small by comparison to today’s technology.

George with the assistance of my mother, Louisa, spent many days visiting the surviving relatives, visiting Government Archives departments, wandering through many cemeteries to copy details from grave stones and piercing together the facts and details of our family. Then Mum would type it all up, one-finger, on a small portable Remington typewriter.  When finished they would photocopy the pages until they had created a living, breathing book.

This then was my starting point. With the support of computers, the Internet and the wealth of information available now in Libraries and Government departments it was so much simpler to compile the expanded family’s stories.

Ours was not a family given to talking much about relatives and I had to tease out the stories that I had from my parents. Questions were asked, but few answers given. Even other family members were reluctant to talk much about the Loveday family.   Then, not long after my father’s funeral I had a talk with my Aunt, Dad’s youngest sister, and it was like a tap was turned on! I now had a fund of information to research and it has kept me busy for almost 30 years.”

Peter’s Thoughts on Blogging

“Not many members of my near and far family have an interest on Family History. Maybe as they grow older they may wish to discover more about our fascinating story. This then is the core motivating factor that drives me to establish as much as I can about our tribe.

Now in my twilight years and with no children to pass this information onto, I decided to start a blog and make my history information available to the world. I will continue searching and as it comes to light, the stories will be found on this blog.

I have found the blog helps to keep me focused and provides a discipline that I need to keep my mind active.

Thank you so much for the invitation to participate in the ‘May I Introduce You to . . .’ series.  I was pleasantly surprised and deem it an honour to be asked.  It is much appreciated.”

Peter’s Tips for New Bloggers

“I use WordPress for my blog and have used Blogger in the past. Both are great and their themes and layouts are astounding.

  • Decide what you want to say in your blog. Make it interesting and use a language that you would use in a face to face conversation.
  • Always proof your posts.  Nothing is more annoying to a reader than typos and sloppy grammar.
  • Be aware at all times that not all information that you uncover will be readily acceptable to all of your family. Be sensitive to others feelings.
  • Just do it! Be consistent and regular with your posts and give your reads a reason to come back and comment on your posts.

 Peter’s Favorite Blog Post

“My favourite post is possibly my most dramatic, How to Fix a Broken Heart.

I had just been diagnosed with a heart artery issue that required surgery and I was just a bit anxious of the outcome. Writing the post helped me enormously to put the experience into its correct perspective. The surgery was successful and after a triple artery bypass, I recovered to be fitter than I have been for some time.”

Peter’s Time with the Ancestors

“I am researching constantly for snippets and bits of information about my list of Surnames. I visit Trove weekly to look up some item on old newspapers and articles. I travel to our State Library every fortnight to look up information that is not yet on the Internet.  So, to answer the question I guess I am researching something daily.”

Peter’s Favorite Ancestors

“My favourite is my Grt Grt Grandfather, Richard John Loveday. I found myself immersed in the story of Richard John Loveday and his two wives, Bridget O’Shea and Sarah Sadgrove, and 11 children, determined to discover more. He was a man of his time and brought his wife and 3 children on a hazardous journey from 1840’s England to a new settlement called Adelaide, which was just 4 years old! He lost his young wife to Breast Cancer at age 33 and was left with 4 young children. He remarried 4 years later and he and his new wife raised 11 children.

A Surveyor and Corporal with the Royal Sappers & Miners, he performed many difficult trips to discover and document the fascinating features of this new Colony. His strong relationship with the Indigenous Aboriginals was so important to the success of his missions.”

How Genealogy Has Improved Peter’s Life

“I have always found the time that I spend on my family history, either writing up their stories or researching some obscure facts to be very rewarding in fact, it is not too strong to say it is therapeutic.

My life in retirement has a purpose and a focus and I am constantly reminding myself that these people have given me the life that I have lead. Their efforts in building this strong country has been my inheritance.”

What Peter Loves Most About Genealogy

“My greatest love is the uncovering of some new fact or date that adds to the jigsaws that our ancestors leave us. I often wonder if we will leave our descendants any jigsaws to solve!

Wandering through their lives is a constant thrill because at any moment a new story will emerge that adds to character of my ancestors.”

Peter’s Genealogy Bucket List

“Completing a book on both of my Grt Grt Grandparents on both, paternal and maternal sides. It will take me the rest of my days but I would love to leave such a gift for others in my family.

To be able to go back beyond 1790, the last record of the Loveday family in England would be a 5 star moment. Sadly no records seem to exist that will shed light upon these generations.”

Peter’s Time Capsule Message

“One simple message.  Start today writing a diary, a ledger, anything to record your life for your descendants. Don’t trust your memory in 40 years’ time – write it down now!  Your children and grandchildren will be forever grateful to you. Always caption your photos and record dates and events.”

* * *

Please take a moment to head on over to Peter’s blog. Leave him a comment letting him know you stopped by. Welcome Peter, it’s great to have you here!

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Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her grandchildren! Are you a genealogy blogger who would like to be interviewed for the “May I Introduce To You . . .” series? If so, contact Gini Webb via e-mail.

Come Meet the New “May I Introduce To You” Team at GeneaBloggers

The May I Introduce To You team at GeneaBloggers

While the “May I Introduce To You” (MIITY) weekly series here at GeneaBloggers has been on summer vacation the past few weeks, we’ve actually been hard at work expanding our team of authors who will be interviewing members of GeneaBloggers.

For the past five years, Gini Webb of Ginisology has conducted over 150 interviews with our members to find out how they got started in genealogy and why blogging is such an important part of their family history research. GeneaBloggers could not have carried the MIITY feature each Monday without Gini’s hard work and determination to make sure that members stories were shared in the genealogy community.

An Expanded Team of MIITY Authors

To mark the fifth anniversary of May I Introduce To You, Gini and I discussed expanding the team of bloggers who interview other bloggers for the series. We both thought it was a great idea to share the task of lining up interviews, gathering information and preparing it for publication. Here is the new team:

Tessa Keough


Tessa was born and raised on the West coast and then moved to the East coast for graduate school and employment. Today she divides her time between Arlington, Virginia and Portland, Oregon. Tessa got hooked on researching her ancestors after seeing a pedigree chart at a family reunion in 2005 and wondering about the people, places, and those huge blank spaces. She shares her paternal genealogy at The Keough Corner and her maternal genealogy at Scandia Musings & More.

In addition to her own family history, Tessa is hard at work conducting a one-name study for the Keough surname as well as a one-place study of Plate Cove East, Newfoundland. She is active in the international organizations that support these specialized study areas. Tessa has a YouTube channel TessaWatch where she shares tips on the technology and methodology used with family history. Tessa enjoys reading, cooking, and travel.

Jana Last

Jana Last

Jana is a wife, mom and soon-to-be grandma living in sunny California. She loves family history and enjoys learning about her ancestors. She began her family history research in 1996 when she was the busy mother of five children eleven years old and under. She currently serves as a Family History Consultant and taught a family history class for six years at church. She also has served as a volunteer librarian at the local Family History Center in her area.

Jana is the author of three blogs:Jana’s Genealogy and Family History Blog, her genealogy blog,Grandpa’s Postcards, a blog in which she shares her maternal grandparents’ vintage postcard collection, andJana’s Place, her personal blog. Besides family history research and blogging, Jana enjoys reading, singing, baking, watching classic movies and musicals and spending time with her family.

Wendy Mathias

Wendy Mathias

Wendy began her genealogy research over twenty years ago as her mother’s able assistant. Now that she has retired from teaching, Wendy has expanded her research which she shares in her blog Jollett Etc. She indexes for FamilySearch and has completed several indexing projects for the Greene County Historical Society. Wendy graduated from James Madison University with a BA and MA in English. She and her husband divide their time between their home in Chesapeake, Virginia and Smith Mountain Lake where they enjoy a lazy cruise on their pontoon and touring local wineries.

Michelle Taggart

Michelle Taggart

Michelle has been involved in genealogical research for twenty years and has a special love for researching her Southern ancestors. She shares her ancestors’ stories on her blog A Southern Sleuth. She has a BS in Child and Family Psychology from Brigham Young University. Currently she is pursuing a certificate from The National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Michelle is a Family History Consultant and teaches a local genealogy class. Born in Alamosa, Colorado, she grew up in California and Texas. Currently she and her husband live in Utah and enjoy their four children and nine grandchildren.

Gini Webb

Gini Webb

Gini Webb was born in Augsburg, Germany and emigrated with her mom to the United States at the age of three years old. She grew up in Santa Clara, California and now resides in San Diego, California.

Retiring in 2009, Gini enjoys spending time with her seven grandchildren.  Retirement has also allowed her the time she longed for to pursue her love of family history.  During her research, Gini has learned that researching her family’s history is not just a destiny, but a journey into the lives of her ancestors. She shares those discoveries on her blogs, Ginisology, Remembering This Day in History and Our Life in Photos.

A Special Thanks

“Many hands make for light work,” as my great-grandmother would say and even the transition to a larger team doesn’t just happen on its own. Thanks to Gini for getting the ball rolling, to Jana for creating the tracking system and to all the team members for their input via email. I’m really excited about MIITY entering its sixth year and I know readers will be too!

Stay tuned! May I Introduce To You will return with new interviews starting on Monday, 15  September 2014 right here at GeneaBloggers.

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