Make Your Blog Print Friendly

print friendly blog

While developing a resources page for printing (stay tuned!), I stumbled upon a new site called Print Friendly which let’s you add easy ways for readers to print out your blog posts.

Why is this important?  Very often, blog readers will simply press the print icon in their browser and the entire page will print out including your sidebar items, etc.  With Print Friendly the focus is on the blog post itself.

Adding a Print Friendly Button to Your Blog

print friendly button

The Print Friendly site even has a page listing instructions for adding a button at the end of your blogs.  The process is not difficult but for Blogger users, I recommend backing up your template before you make changes and add the Print Friendly button.

Great Print Options

Once installed, when your readers click the Print Friendly button, this is what they’ll see:

Print Friendly Screen

Options include the ability to remove graphics, print to PDF, email and even use Twitter for the blog post.


If you do take the plunge and decide to add the Print Friendly button, let us know in the Comments.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

Creating Your Own Blogger Link Gadget

Blogger gadget

Recently a genealogy blogging colleague admired another blogger’s sidebar item and wanted to replicate it but didn’t know where to start.  If your blog uses the Blogger platform, it is easy to think that there is a gadget for everything – sort of like “there’s an app for that!”

The admired item was the Indexes listing at Apple’s Tree where she has posted links to various items including ahnentafels.  Setting up this type of “link list” in Blogger is much easier than it looks.  Here’s how:

  • You must already have your ahnentafels, indices or other links available as posts in your blog.  Open them in separate tabs or copy and paste them into a text file for reference during this process.
  • Log into Blogger.  Click on Layout and then click Add A Gadget on the sidebar.

  • The Add A Gadget dialog appears.

  • Scroll down and locate Link List and click the plus sign next to it.

  • Enter a title in the Title field and then paste your first link in the New Site URL field.  Click Add Link.

  • Continue adding links as needed.  You may also edit and change the order of links once they are added.

  • Click Save.  Click View Blog.  The new list of links will appear in your blog’s sidebar.

    © 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

    A Twitter Follow Badge For Your Blog

    twitter follow badge

    Besides the new Contact button decribed in the previous post, I’ve also added a hovering Twitter badge to the right margin of GeneaBloggers.  Using the site, here’s how you can get one for your blog:

    1. Visit the site.
    2. Enter your Twitter account name (without the @ symbol).
    3. Select from pre-set texts such as Follow Me, Follow Us, etc.
    4. Select a color for your badge.
    5. Select Left or Right for the horizontal placement.
    6. Enter the coordinates for the vertical placement.
    7. Click Update Code.
    8. Copy the HTML code and paste it before the </body> tag* in your blog template.

    Once completed, visitors will click the badge and they’ll be taken to your Twitter page where they can follow you.

    * For Blogger users, on your Dashboard click Edit, Layout and then Edit HTML.  The </body> tag will appear towards the bottom of the code.  Paste the Twitter badge code before the tag.

    For WordPress users, on your Admin panel, go to Appearance and click Editor.  For most WordPress templates you will need to access the Header portion of the code (click Header in the right sidebar).  The </body> tag will appear towards the bottom of the code.  Paste the Twitter badge code before the tag.

    © 2009, copyright Thomas MacEntee