Why You Should Attend GRIP July 22-27, 2012

Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh

[Editor's Note: Registration for GRIP opens at 12:00 noon tomorrow, February 7, 2012 and the available slots are expected to fill up quickly!  Don't delay!]

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, January 23-27, 2012 in Salt Lake City and I can tell you that the “institute” concept simply rocks!  Here are my reasons why you should consider attending the brand new Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, July 23-27, 2012:

  • You can never have enough genealogical education.
  • GRIP is located in the Eastern corridor and is close enough for Midwest attendees as well.  The other major institutes are in Salt Lake City (SLIG) and Birmingham (IGHR aka “Samford”) so having an East Coast institute is great!
  • You’ll have the chance to learn from experts and genealogy rock stars like Tom Jones, Paula Stuart-Warren, John Humphrey and Josh Taylor.
  • You’ll be learning in a congenial and collaborative atmosphere with others who are just as passionate about genealogy and family history.
  • When you take into consideration that the price includes 15 meals and you can add on reasonably priced accommodations right on campus, you can’t beat the cost!
If you’ve never attended an institute, take a minute to visit the GRIP site at http://www.gripitt.org/ and then get ready for tomorrow’s registration!

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GeneaWebinars – A Directory of Upcoming Genealogy Webinars

Are you familiar with a great new resource for the genealogy community called GeneaWebinars?

With the increase in the number of genealogy webinars available online, it has become increasingly difficult to find out the topics, who is presenting, how to register, etc. Well GeneaWebinars solves that problem.

Thanks to Ol’ Myrt of DearMYRTLE who created GeneaWebinars, the community not only has a comprehensive directory of upcoming online genealogy education seminars, but also a way in which presenters and providers of these webinars can advertise their offerings.

Just take a look at the calendar for March which is filled with a variety of topics and presenters – many of which are FREE!

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rootstech Official Blogger

RootsTech 2011 Official Blogger Banner Button

You may have seen the shiny new button in the sidebar here at GeneaBloggers stating that I am an rootstech Official Blogger. I am happy to say that not only am I delivering three panel presentations during the conference (February 10-12, 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah), but that yes, I am an Official Blogger.

I can’t yet reveal what the duties of an Official Blogger entails, but I can tell you this so far about rootstech and why it will ROCK!

  • You can still catch the early bird registration between now and January 7, 2011 for only $99.  Can you believe that? Three solid days of technical education for just $33 a day? And better yet, students get all three days for $35.  Amazing.
  • Not only will you be able to mingle and meet with other genealogists and family historians, but you will also meet other technology folks who may not have a background in genealogy, but want to learn more about the needs of the genealogical community.
  • Yours truly will be presenting sessions entitled Genealogy Blogs: Impact and Influence in the Genealogy Community, Self-Publishing for Genealogists and Genealogical Societies, and Virtual Presentations Roundtable. Each panel will have well-known genealogy bloggers and genealogists involved in discussions of important technology issues for the genealogical community.
  • Hotel pricing is very reasonable and I have an inside scoop on a deal not yet announced. Also, Dick Eastman has been tracking hotel pricing for rootstech – see his post here.
  • The sessions announced so far, let alone the keynote addresses and banquets, look amazing.  Almost 45 sessions each day.  Subject cover everything from blogs, social media, programming and platforms such as SQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and much more.

You’ll be hearing much more about rootstech in the next few weeks, especially after the holiday season.  And start looking for those rootstech Official Blogger badges in the sidebars of your favorite genealogy blogs.  Besides, FamilySearch must know me well and the fact that I like shiny, sparkly things like neat blog badges!

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