Cite Right – A Source Citation Initiative

I am trying to avoid the label “controversy” which has cropped up with the discussion of whether or not genealogy blogs merit consideration by genealogists – amateur and professional.  But I do think that as a group we can capitalize on this issue and turn it into a positive especially for those that are new to searching for their family history.

First, I’ve created a feed in the sidebar called Cite Right which will list recent posts by Geneablogger blogs dealing with source citation.

Second, I for one would like to see the discussion continue on the topic of why blogs are important to the genealogy community as well as whether or not to display source citations in your blog posts.  I am not sure if setting up a forum/bulletin board would be best for this or just to allow comments in this and other posts.

Third, what would be a nice outcome when all is said and done? As I’ve stated before, it would be most valuable to newbies to have several “guides” which harness the expertise and experience of our members.  There is no reason why we can’t have a Geneabloggers Guide To . . . series which helps introduce the amteur genealogist to various aspects of genealogy.  Keep in mind that come April 20, 2009 with the premiere of the series Who Do You Think You Are on NBC, we may very well see an uptick in traffic to many genealogy blogs from people seeking ways to trace their roots using the Internet.  Having one or more of these guides available would make a nice welcome.