Carnival of African-American Genealogy Deadline Tomorrow

Carnival of African-American Genealogy

A quick reminder that the deadline for submissions to the 1st Edition of the Carnival of African-American Genealogy (CoAAG) is tomorrow 12 March 2010.  Luckie Daniels of Our Georgia Roots will be serving as the first host of this new genealogy blogging event.

Restore My Name – Slave Records and Genealogy Research is the theme and you can get more information here.

I am constantly amazed at what our community of genealogy and family history bloggers can do.  Your support of this event as well as so many others is greatly appreciated.  I always knew that bloggers could make a difference – not only in genealogy but in the world as well as people’s lives – and I witness this every day.

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Carnival of African-American Genealogy

Carnival of African-American Genealogy

We are pleased to announce the Carnival of African-American Genealogy (CoAAG).  Luckie Daniels of Our Georgia Roots will be serving as the first host of this new genealogy blogging event.

Restore My Name – The First CoAAG Theme

On 19 February 2010,  Restore My Name – Slave Records and Genealogy Research, will kick-off this African-American themed carnival intended to be a gathering place for the community to share and learn about African-American genealogy.

This first CoAAG theme will deal with how records of slave ownership are handled by the genealogy researcher. Contributors will be asked to write a blog post (at their own blogs) on one or more of the following aspects:

  • What responsibilities are involved on the part of the researcher when locating names of slaves in a record?
  • Does it matter if the record(s) are related to your ancestral lines or not?
  • As a descendant of slave owners, have you ever been pressured by family not to discuss or post about records containing slave names?
  • As a descendant of slaves, have you been able to work with or even meet other researchers who are descendants of slave owners?
  • Have you ever performed a Random Act of Genealogical Kindness involving slave ownership records? Or were you on the receiving end of such kindness?

How To Participate

Submissions will be accepted starting today through 12 March 2010, 11:59 EST.  Once you’ve created your blog post, use the blog carnival submission form to make sure it is included in the CoAAG post on 19 March 2010.

If you’ve never participated in a blog carnival, see How to Submit a Post to a Carnival at Bootcamp for GeneaBloggers.

Future Hosts and Topics Needed!

We’re also in search of hosts and topics for future CoAAG carnivals so if you have an interest in hosting or a special topic to propose, please contact Luckie Daniels via Twitter (@OurGeorgiaRoots) or email GeneaBloggers at

We’ve all witnessed the benefit yielded from coming together as a community to openly share our varying perspectives around slavery and its impacts to both past and present culture.

Let’s commit to keeping this very relevant (and healing) dialogue going and use it as a catalyst to continue to grow and learn.

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GeneaBloggers New Year’s Resolutions

Here is list of my goals for GeneaBloggers for 2010:

I always use the exercise “If an alien spaceship were to land and take a look at . . .” when analyzing a blog or website – meaning, what would someone totally unfamiliar with genealogy blogging and GeneaBloggers think if they visited the blog? Is the message clear that it is a resource site on how to get started blogging your ancestors as well as how to keep the blogging momentum going?

Right now, I think I can do better in terms of organizing

1. Utilize a Web Toolbar

Just like some blogs and websites have developed a downloadable toolbar to make their sites more useful (see the March 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine), I need to develop one for GeneaBloggers. I want to include a search function so users can search across all 800+ genealogy blogs. I also want to include a link to GeneaBloggers resources pages on PDFs, photos, data backup and more!

2.  Make “Getting Started” More Prominent

Those who are new to genealogy blogging or who want to know how to get started should be able to find a series of “how tos” quickly. This is not happening right now.

3. Separate Area for Blogging Prompts

While I continue to stress the importance of the Daily Blogging Prompts as well as carnivals and memes, I think right now they take up too much room on the GeneaBloggers site.

I need a better way to organize these posts as well as the roll-up widgets that display the posts from members of GeneaBloggers.

4. Create Podcasts and Webcasts

People learn through various methods and I think that having step-by-step instructional videos would greatly help those who have questions on how to set up a blog, how to add widgets etc.

In addition, a regularly scheduled podcast would be geared more towards discussion of topics rather than instructions or how-tos. One idea is to have a monthly call-in type radio program where there is participation from the genealogy community.

5. Seek More Guest Posts

Following the example set by Gini Webb and her series of May I Introduce To You posts about new genealogy bloggers, it would be great to have other genealogy bloggers contribute periodically to GeneaBloggers as guest authors.

6. Develop a Mobile Version of GeneaBloggers

Make GeneaBloggers more mobile app friendly as well as develop a mobile app to assist genealogists with their research.

7. Larger Conference Presence

Currently, GeneaBloggers is scheduled to have a presence at the Arizona Family History Expo in Mesa, Arizona on January 22-23, 2010 as well as the Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree June 11-13, 2010.

Investigate attending at several other conferences including NGS, FGS as well as others.

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