Bound for Mom, The World Is Not Flat

Welcome to the fourth and final edition of Bound for Mom. In this round of posts, the topic is The World Is Not latmany Moms love to travel and take off to parts unknown once the nest is empty. Did you Mom visit some great destinations? Or were there places she always wanted to visit? Build a travelogue based on Mom’s trips or perhaps places you’ve visited that Mom always wanted to.

Linda Hughes Hiser presents Bound for Mom: Milepost #4–The World is Not Flat posted at Flipside, saying, “We traveled alot when we were growing up and Mom’s yellow bag was always packed and ready to go.”

Janet Iles presents Janet the researcher: Bound for Mom Milepost #4 The World is Not Flat posted at Janet the researcher.   Read about Janet’s mother who grew up on the world’s largest freshwater island and traveled with the family all over Canada and the United States.

Gini Webb presents Bound For Mom – The World Is Not Flat posted at Ginisology.   Pay a visit to this travel log of many trips taken by Gini’s mother over the years!
Finally, I present Travels With Mom posted at Destination: Austin Family.  Through the many travels as a child, Mom instilled in me a deep appreciation of history especially for the history of New York State.

That concludes the final edition of Bound for Mom.  I hope you enjoyed the journey with our participants.  And if this has inspired you to either post about your own mother and her accomplishments or if you create a memory book, please let us know!

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Bound for Mom, Driving Lessons

Welcome to the third edition of Bound for Mom. In this round of posts, the topic is Driving Lessonsalong every mile with Mom there was usually a lesson or something to be learned – whether it was obvious to you then or now.  Collect her “Momisms,” her favorite sayings, her tips and tricks – all the neat stuff she gave you so you’d make your own journey safely.


Janet Iles of Janet the Researcher gives us Bound for Mom Milepost #3 – Driving Lessons.  Janet can just hear her mother as she performs certain tasks such as using a kitchen knife – and she remembers that “Mother is always right.”

Gini Webb presents Bound for Mom ~ Lessons For The Road posted at Ginisology. I love the saying “Come here so I can spank you” that Gini’s mother used! And it sounds that Gini had not only a smart Mom but a kind and compassionate one too!

Finally, I present Driven posted at Destination: Austin Family. I can look back now and laugh at some of my mother’s sayings but boy was I embarassed by them as a teenager!

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Bound for Mom, A Journey of Firsts

Welcome to the first edition of Bound for Mom. In this round of posts, the topic is A Journey of Firsts: Moms go far and along the way there are so many “firsts” such as first date, first love, first home, first child, and more. Take all of these beginnings and bundle them up into a story of how your Mom got started.

Gini Webb presents Bound for Mom posted at Ginisology.  She’s written a great story of how she and her mother emigrated from Germany to the United States.  This is Gini’s first blog carnival  entry so please take time to make a visit!

Linda Hughes Hiser presents Bound for Mom: Milepost #1–A Journey of Firsts posted at Flipside, saying, “I know of many of my Mom’s firsts from her younger life as we spent time talking about them when I first became interested in genealogy. One that interested me was that she was 29-30 before she learned how to drive a car!”

Janet Iles of Janet the Researcher gives us Bound for Mom: Milepost #1 – A Journey of Firsts.  Janet discusses her mother’s first home and first job as well other firsts.

Paula Moore presents My mom: the firsts posted at A Passage In Time. Paula has “tricked out” her posts with some fabulous digital scrapbooking pieces!  Go take a look and learn more about Paula’s mother who is now grandmother to 11 grandchildren.

Finally, I present Mom’s First Talks About Her Firsts posted at Destination: Austin Family.  My mom had so many firsts that it was difficult to choose which ones to describe.  Mom had lots of choices when she raised me and my brother and the driving force was always selflessly focusing on us and our well-being.

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