Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories Returns for 2010!

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories

GeneaBloggers – the genealogy community’s resource for blogging – announces the return of the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories beginning December 1, 2010.

What started as a bi-annual event December 2007 as a way for genealogy bloggers to capture and document the memories of family holiday traditions has now grown into an annual event with its own blog. Visit the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories at and learn how you can participate in this unique online genealogy event.

Beginning December 1, 2010, each day will present a specific blogging prompt such as Christmas Cookies and bloggers will be asked to write about their memories related to the theme and their family history. A new prompt will appear each day through December 24, 2010.

Bloggers who have participated in the past can join in the fun again by either repeating their posts from previous years or creating new posts. Besides creating an on-line journal of Christmas memories, some bloggers have even gone on to create books of their previous Advent Calendar posts to share with family and friends.

Don’t’ forget to check out the list of blogging prompts and get started on capturing your childhood Christmas memories today!

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Advent Calendar 2009 – Thank You!

advent calendar of christmas memories 2009

GeneaBloggers extends a big thank you to all those who participated in the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories 2009! Not only did you give the gift of preserving holiday memories to your family members, but you also were willing to share those memories with your fellow genealogy blogging colleagues and your readers.

Don’t forget that one of your New Year’s resolutions should be collecting all your ACCM posts and getting them ready to publish and distribute as gifts for the 2010 holiday season!

Here are some statistics on this year’s event:

December 1 – The Christmas Tree – 54 posts
December 2 – Holiday Foods – 46 posts
December 3 – Christmas Tree Ornaments – 54 posts
December 4 – Christmas Cards – 42 posts
December 5 – Outdoor Decorations – 38 posts
December 6 – Santa Claus – 55 posts
December 7 – Holiday Parties – 34 posts
December 8 – Christmas Cookies – 38 posts
December 9 – Grab Bag – 35 posts
December 10 – Christmas Gifts – 56 posts
December 11 – Other Traditions – 28 posts
December 12 – Charitable/Volunteer Work – 24 posts
December 13 – Holiday Travel – 30 posts
December 14 – Fruitcake – Friend or Foe? – 41 posts
December 15 – The Holiday Happenings! – 33 posts
December 16 – Christmas at School – 27 posts
December 17 – Grab Bag – 36 posts
December 18 – Christmas Stockings – 32 posts
December 19 – Christmas Shopping – 24 posts
December 20 – Religious Services – 27 posts
December 21 – Christmas Music – 40 posts
December 22 – Christmas and Deceased Relatives – 24 posts
December 23 – Christmas Sweetheart Memories – 18 posts
December 24 – Christmas Eve – 36 posts

Total: 872 posts

(Note: I apologize to those who participated for not keeping up with the nightly “highlights” feature. I was hoping to provide a little bit more than just the automated roll-up but the holiday season activities seemed to get the best of me.)

Here are all the posts submitted by GeneaBloggers members:

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