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Blogs listed at GeneaBloggers are selected based on content and ability to move the “genealogy conversation” forward. Blogs will be removed if they are deemed to violate the intellectual property of other members and if their authors engage in inappropriate online behavior. This is a privately run site – there is no “right” to have your blog listed. Be nice – the world is a small town.

WARNING! Due to spam abuse, the contact form has been removed and you must send an email to with your request. Any use of this email address other than submitting your blog for possible membership at GeneaBloggers or for inquiries about GeneaBloggers will result in a) having your access to GeneaBloggers blocked and b) reporting the abuse to your Internet service provider for possible termination of your Internet account.

In your email, please submit the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Blog URL starting with http://
  • Your Blog Name
  • A brief description of your blog or a link to your About or Welcome page
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