I’m Taking A Stay-batical!

sabbatical - a time to pursue something you love

As 2012 creeps towards its end, and the weather here in Chicago means more time indoors, I’ve decided I need a break.  I need a vacation (to a warm place, please), but that will have to wait for the Christmas holiday.  A sabbatical is just the answer, but I can’t travel far from home to be in a “retreat” type setting.  So I’ve coined the term “stay-batical” and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing over the Thanksgiving weekend (besides putting together a great Thanksgiving day meal).

Starting tomorrow, I’ll let be putting my client work aside and start to pick up those projects which have been sitting on my list for weeks now.  This “me time” will be one where I get to explore those websites and blogs I’ve been meaning to look at.  I’ll be dedicating myself to idea generation, to inspiration, and setting some goals for 2013.

I’ve been blessed with more work than I can handle some days, and I have much to be thankful for actually.  I couldn’t have come this far without family, supportive friends and colleagues, and without taking periodic breaks to recharge my “idea batteries.”

So if you notice a slow response to emails or see that I’ve taken a low profile on Facebook, just know that I’m up to something. I’m planning and preparing for an even better year in 2013 for myself and for the genealogy community.

Have a great Thanksgiving and remember to treat yourself to a little “me time” this coming weekend.

©2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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