RootsTech 2017 Session Videos Now Available!

If you weren't at RootsTech 2017 in Salt Lake City last week or missed a session, now you can access the video archive and benefit from this amazing event!

If you were not able to attend the amazing RootsTech 2017 Conference last week OR perhaps you were there, but missed a session, now you can view the recorded sessions from the comfort of your home. Thanks to FamilySearch and RootsTech for making these education videos available!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 Sessions – click here!

  • Full Session: Innovator Summit General Session 2017
  • Liz Wiseman: Innovator Summit General Session 2017
  • Steve Rockwood: Innovator Summit General Session 2017
  • Ben Bennett; Craig Bott, Grow Utah; Heather Holmes, TapGenes; Nick Jones, JRNL, Inc; Robert Kehrer, FamilySearch: Industry Trends and Outlook
  • Cydni Tetro: Innovation: Best Practices and Applications
  • Showdown Semi-Finalists: Innovator Showdown Semi-Final
  • Alison Taylor, Pictures and Stories: Metadata—Writing on the Back of a Digital Photo
  • Tamra Stansfield: Family at the Center: Making the FHC a Sacred Place
  • Allison Kimball; Crystal Farish; Risa Baker; Rhonna Farrer: Grandma’s Syrup: Fortifying Your Home with Family History

Thursday, February 9, 2017 Sessions – click here!

  • Drew and Jonathan Scott: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • Steve Rockwood: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • MyHeritage: RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017
  • Kelli Bergheimer: Getting Started in Genealogy
  • Diahan Southard, Your DNA Guide: DNA: The Glue that Holds Families Together
  • Dana Drutman: DNA Matching on MyHeritage
  • Bryan Austad: Building Powerful Youth Consultants
  • Lara Diamond: Jewish Genealogy: Where to Look and What’s Available
  • Angie Bush: My Ancestors are in MY DNA!
  • Crystal Farish; Rhonna Farrer: Family History Is Anything but Boring

Friday, February 10, 2017 Sessions – click here!

  • Kenyatta Berry; Sherri Camp; Melvin Collier: RootsTech General Session 2017: African Heritage Presentations
  • Findmypast: RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017
  • Brian Braithwaite; Linda Gulbrandsen; Ryan Koelliker; Stephen Shumway: FamilySearch and Partners: Using All the Resources to Find Your Ancestors
  • Jason Hewlett and Finalists: Innovator Showdown Finals 2017
  • Judy G. Russell: Mothers, Daughters, Wives: Tracing Female Lines
  • Mary Kircher Roddy: Censational Census Strategies
  • Amy Harris: Next Steps in British Research
  • Rod DeGiulio: Understanding Your Family History Calling
  • Sunny Morton: Big 4: Comparing Ancestry, findmypast, FamilySearch and MyHeritage
  • Rorey Cathcart; D. Joshua Taylor; Rich Venezia: You Found it Where? Unusual Records
  • Diane Loosle: Begin at the Beginning 2017: Helping Others Love Family History
  • Jen Baldwin: Cross the Atlantic with Religious Records
  • Anna Graff; Jennifer Hadley; Katie Smith; Andrew Thomas; Tyler Thorsted: How to Preserve Your Family Heirlooms

Saturday, February 11, 2017 Sessions – click here!

  • Buddy Valastro: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • CeCe Moore: RootsTech General Session 2017
  • Ancestry: RootsTech General Session Sponsor 2017
  • Steve Reed, JRNL, Inc.: Journaling Principles that Work
  • Crista Cowan, Ancestry: Don’t Just Be a Searcher, Be a Researcher
  • Katherine R. Willson: Creating Google Alerts for Your Genealogy
  • Dallin Lowder; Julia Carlson: Youth + Consultants = Awesome
  • Anne Metcalf; Gregg Richardson: Getting Started with Finding Your Ancestors

Also, the RootsTech 2016 Video Archive is still available online – click here!

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