QR Code Explosion – But Where Is Genealogy?

A new infographic on the explosive growth in QR codes with a 1200% increase between July and December 2010. Personally I am seeing them more and more including stores, bus shelters and other places.

From the post Who’s Really Scanning All Those QR Codes? at Mashable, you’ll also see how even local governments are getting in on the QR code movement. I think New York City’s use of the codes on building permits is creative: scan the code from a notice posted on a building and you have access to all the information on who filed the permit, the type of project, whether there have been violations, etc.

I know that more and more libraries are using QR codes such as the Brigham Young University’s Harold B. Lee Library where QR codes are used for its library audio tour. Check out Library Success – A Best Practices Wiki and its astounding list of ways libraries are putting QR codes to work!

We discussed QR codes here and here back in March 2010 but so far the genealogy industry has been slow to adopt their use.  For you creative thinkers, how could genealogy companies and even genealogical societies use QR codes?


©2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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