Pottery Barn Family Tree Pillow

Pottery Barn Family Tree Pillow

Just in time for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season, Pottery Barn Bedding seems to have hopped on the genealogy and family history “wave” with its new Family Tree Pillow.

What makes this pillow unique is that it can be customized with up to three generations of names. Before purchasing, you can use the customization screen to add your own name and the names of your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. The interface was easy to use and the prompts were clear in terms of maternal grandmother, paternal grandmother, etc. As you entered names, the product image was updated with the text entered.

Pottery Barn Family Tree Pillow customization screen

What wasn’t clear from the product description was how the customized would be made. It appears as if the image will be printed rather than embroidered on to the pillow.

Over the past few months I’ve become acquainted with Brian Backus and his innovative company Kidlandia, the producers of this unique pillow.  Kidlandia specializes in unique customizable gifts for children and is worth a look if you are doing your holiday shopping already. I hope this pillow is a success and that we see more and more mainstream vendors such as Pottery Barn Bedding carrying such “memory keeping” items related to genealogy and family history.

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Personally, I think this holiday season is ripe for many genealogy and family history-related gifts.  During tough times it is very tempting to give something practical and to look at certain items as “luxury” or “non-essential” or “impractical.” But sometimes it’s just nice to get a gift for a loved one that is unique and “out of the ordinary.” And besides, in my family at least, items that help us remember our ancestors are seen as essential as well as practical.

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  1. I purchased several of these as gifts last year, but unfortunately they are out of stock now. Does anyone know how to locate the vendor that produced these to see if they might still be available?

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