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May I Introduce to You . . . Darcie Posz

Come meet genealogy blogger Darcie Posz, author of the Kickin' it with Genealogy blog in this interview by Gini Webb at GeneaBloggers.

Come meet genealogy blogger Darcie Posz, author of the Kickin' it with Genealogy blog in this interview by Gini Webb at GeneaBloggers.


I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Darcie Posz and her blog, Kickin’ it with Genealogy, described as, “. . . Listenin’ to Music while Learnin’ about Genealogy.”

Darcie, please tell us a little about yourself.

“I was born in Burlington, Iowa and currently live in Washington, D.C. Ten years ago, my husband and I had a contest to see who could find a job first on the east coast and I won. We came to D.C. with 200 bucks and the first month’s rent; the 200 bucks was emergency gas money, in case we needed to drive back to Iowa since the closest person we knew was in Georgia. I took clients so we could eat; he found a job two months later.”

How did you get started in genealogy?

“I began doing genealogy when I was 14, because I wanted to know why I was a Hawaiian in Iowa. I went to the local library and found a Honolulu phone book and sent a letter to everyone with the Hind surname. One was a relative and I went from there.”

Why Darcie created her blog and her thoughts on blogging.

“For years, when I went to institutes and conferences I felt like I was unable to talk about genealogy or methodology in the spastic fashion that I do at home. I tried to seek out people who would be open to that, but it usually fell flat. So I thought why not just do a blog so that it is out there?  Kind of like a Voyager Golden Record:  just out there in the digital universe and those who find it, find it.

I read a lot and I usually have music playing in the background. I also listen to a lot of audio recordings of genealogy lectures. I can remember things better when I hear them. Some of the journals, quarterlies and publications I had been reading were over my head on the first read, but when I applied beginner’s mind and calm down with music, they were easier to understand and sunk in. Applying this method has worked for me and it may for others.

Some genealogy conversations need to happen, so some posts, particularly dealing with race, I have attempted to align what is happening now with what has been previously discussed by genealogists. I grew up in an area where the only other Hawaiians were my family, and statistically most of the rest of the people around me were Caucasian. As the only Hawaiians, we were stereotyped: people expected Hawaiian shirts, eating pineapple, and listening to Elvis. Truth was that we are American and Americanized: BBQ, Chicago Bears and ZZ Top. All I knew about my culture was what I learned in books. As I began doing more genealogy, I found out that I had Japanese ancestors, Shoshone ancestors, English ancestors, and so on. It became complicated and confusing trying to identify what they were, let alone what I am. Having a regional specialty would not help, so I knew I needed to strengthen my genealogy education, to understand what has been done in the past, and see if it could be applied to my genealogy. So far it has worked to enhance my skill-set in this way.”

How did you choose the name for your blog?

The Office (Season 5, Episode 15) had this episode where Kelly (played by Mindy Kaling) was being grilled by Dwight about what she was doing when she was 14-15 years old and she replied, ‘I was kickin’ it.’

I would probably give the same vague answer about what I was doing at that age, but it was also when I began seriously doing genealogy research. I would check out books from the library and go off the grid for days, documenting the lineages of Ancient Egypt and the Royal Houses of Europe and England.

Plus, genealogy can be cool, so you can be ‘kickin’ it’ with genealogy.”

Darcie, what research tool or source has been particularly helpful in researching your family history?

The Newberry Library’s Atlas of Historical County Boundaries.”

Do you have any tips for new genealogy bloggers?

“If you are thinking about starting a blog, just do it. Don’t over think on what to write about; it is your blog and you can veer in whatever direction you want. You could always have multiple pages too.”

Darcie, what other genealogy blogs inspire you?

Evidence Explained Blog

The Demanding Genealogist


Genetic Genealogist

Cari Taplin’s Genealogy Pants

BCG Springboard.”

Darcie, what has been your most exciting genealogy discovery in your research?

“I have to admit, DNA is the most exciting discovery. There is nothing more vindicating than being able to use DNA evidence to corroborate what you have proven using the Genealogical Proof Standard.”

Darcie, please tell us your favorite posts on your blog.

“The one entry that was the most popular was Elizabeth Shown Mills and Zongamin.

My personal favorite was David Mura and Digitalism.”

How much time do you get to spend on research?

“Not as much as I used to. The research is very specific and I find I write more after analysis and correlation. At this point, it is half the time researching and half the time writing. And then hours studying and reading.”

Darcie, who is your favorite ancestor?

“My favorite ancestors are actually my husband’s, but I researched them for so long that I thought I would never find out what happened to them. I was able to find out that they both died (separately) as the result of trains running them over.”

What family story or heirloom do you cherish most?

“My Grandpa Ned’s military jacket. I have pictures of him wearing it during his tour in China, and now I have the real thing in my closet.”

Darcie, in what ways has genealogy improved your life?

“Is it sad to say that genealogy was my life? I restructured my values a few years ago, and now genealogy is the third most important thing in my life after my husband (and dog) and still-living family. Genealogy has allowed me to meet a different caliber of people than I think you would meet in other fields. Each person I meet has three generations attached to them and what they do; it is very powerful to see how they apply themselves to their research and their research to themselves.”

What do you love most about doing your genealogy/family history?

“Finding the answers and knowing that they meet the standards, and can uphold the test of time.”

What is on your genealogy bucket list?

“I want to visit Northumberland/Durham in England and finally touch the Atlantic Ocean there, like my ancestors did.

I want to take a train ride from Austria, through Germany to see where my ancestors and my husband’s ancestors lived.

I would like to meet an actual Tanaka or Ishihara relative.

I would love to figure out what the deal is with my relative, Robert Bradford Murry, because he dropped off the face of the earth. “

Darcie, if you wanted to leave a message for future generations, what would you tell them?

“Read. Read TAG, TG, NGSQ and other such periodicals so you can have a bouquet of different case studies and family narratives.”


Please take a moment to visit Darcie’s blog. Leave her a comment letting her know you stopped by. Welcome Darcie, it’s great to have you here!

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Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her grandchildren! Are you a genealogy blogger who would like to be interviewed for the “May I Introduce To You . . .” series? If so, contact Gini Webb via e-mail.

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