May I Introduce To You . . . John Patten

John Patten

I am pleased to introduce you to John Patten of the Patten Genealogy Blog!

First, I would like to share that John just became a father on January 21, 2010.  Please welcome a new addition to his tree: his new son, Tiriki (which means “joyful”).  Congratulations to you and your family, John!

John’s blog is dedicated to a variety of genealogical news and research focused on Indigenous and Colonial Australia.  John hails from Melbourne, Victoria and has been researching his Australian roots for about six years now.

Sparking John’s interest in his family history came about when he learned that his mother, along with her sister, grew up in an orphanage in Sydney.  John knew next to nothing about his mother’s family, only that she was probably of AngloCeltic heritage and that her parents lived in inner city Sydney, at Redfern. The story that John’s mum heard growing up, was that she was abandoned.  But this story just didn’t sit quite right with John.

Neither John nor his mom had prior knowledge of her parent’s names until John ordered a copy of his mother’s birth certificate.

On John’s father’s line, he grew up with quite an extensive network of cousins, aunts, uncles and kin, which spread across the South Eastern Australian States of New South Wales and Victoria.

John’s primary paternal ancestry is Koori (Aboriginal Australian).  The vast majority of Aboriginal Australians make genealogy an everyday part of life; it is a key element in their oral traditions and their identity.

John said that, one of the first questions to arise as one Aboriginal meets another is, “Who are your mob?”  Koori people want and need to know how another Aboriginal person fits into the greater scheme of things, these are far more telling than the details of a mere individual.  John has always known of the great many individuals he is related to but knowing the “how” is something he wants to clear up a great deal!

John’s Family and His Blog

John’s family is very interested in his blog, but not being patient, John usually shares his posts with his family first, long before they appear on his blog!

John has had the opportunity to speak to several relatives who found his blog online without his mentioning it to them first. These relatives have expressed that they have very much enjoyed the material posted.  One of John’s most favored moments was when a cousin found his blog online while doing his own research.  This meeting has resulted in greater finds in their shared ancestry.

How John Follows The Rest Of Us

There are a number of genealogy blogs that John does enjoy reading via his email. John makes it a point to reply to each comment that is left on his blog, he then makes sure he visits those blogs that have kindly taken the time to share their thoughts, this is the main way that John does read other blogs.  In a week’s time, John may visit about five or six blogs at most, but he tends to read much more than just the front page.

Time prevents him from reading blogs as regularly as he would like to.  Among John’s favorites are those that tend to offer parallel themes to his own, such as Black history (Aboriginal, African, Melanesian or otherwise), English counties of interest, and Anglo-Celtic and convict history in Australia. John also reads blogs that cover genealogy news or more specific matters.

John’s personal favorites are: George Geder, Twigs of Yore, Genealogy in New South Wales, and Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings, all of which are linked to his own blog.

John’s Thoughts On Blogging

John never really had a concern if others were reading his blog, he would write for his own enjoyment and if others care for it, then that was an added bonus!

John may have been somewhat concerned with whether he would be able to offer regular updates.  GeneaBloggers has helped with that though! When in doubt, there is always “Wordless Wednesday!”  However, John hasn’t had any trouble with finding new things to post about. He does struggle a bit with finding spare time in which to write and knows he is not alone on that one.

* * *

Please head over to Patten Genealogy and welcome John, leave him a comment to let him know you stopped by.

© 2010, copyright Gini Webb

Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, recently retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her now seven grandchildren!

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