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May I Introduce To You . . . Tonia Kendrick

Tonia Kendrick

I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Tonia Kendrick of the Tonia’s Roots blog. “Tonia’s Roots is about my genealogy research adventures and stories about the various roots and branches of my family tree.”

Tonia has been doing genealogy off and on for about 15 years now and actively engaged for the last four years.  Tonia’s interest in genealogy came natural to her since her mother did genealogy; Tonia would accompany her mom on trips to the cemetery and various trips to the archives.

Some 15 years ago she became interested on behalf of herself and did most of the work during the early Internet days, but life got in the way and she had to put genealogy aside for many years.

Then, about four years ago, Tonia attended a family reunion. She spoke with a cousin who was researching on for Ancestry’s free 2-week trial. Tonia went home that day, signed up, and hasn’t looked back since!

Tonia’s Family and Her Blog

Tonia does have an aunt and a cousin who regularly follows her blog, but most of her readers are other genealogy researchers and friends she has made through social networking.

Tonia finds it interesting that she has re-connected with more distant family members through her blog. Other family members just want Tonia to tell them about her discoveries and what she has found.

How Tonia Follows the Rest of Us

Tonia reads most blogs she follows with Google Reader, but there are a few that she follows by way of Facebook, she also finds quite a few posts via Twitter.

Getting enough email as it is, she does not use email to follow other blog posts. Tonia prefers to have all of her blog reading in one place and, in fact, she feels she needs to consolidate the blogs she reads through Facebook and Twitter into her Google Reader.

Tonia is currently following about 30 blogs, but it seems like more because she feels she is always behind in reading posts, she tries to catch up once or twice a week.

Tonia’s Thoughts on Blogging

Tonia’s one concern about blogging was whether or not it would be something she wanted to continue doing once she started since, “I have a history of abandoning projects.”

She actually started three other non-genealogy blogs that fell by the wayside. Tonia’s three-year blogiversary for Tonia’s Roots is coming up in December, so she feels safe that she is sticking with it.

Tonia would like to encourage others researching to take up blogging, “in addition to being a great way to share information and make connections with others researching your family, the process of writing helps to synthesize what you’ve learned and clarify what questions you still have.”

* * *

Take a moment and head on over to Tonia’s blog, leave a comment letting her know you stopped by. Welcome Tonia, it’s great to have you here.

© 2010, copyright Gini Webb

Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, recently retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her now seven grandchildren!

Are you a genealogy blogger who would like to be interviewed for the “May I Introduce To You . . .” series? If so, contact Gini Webb via e-mail.

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