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May I Introduce To You . . . Sandra Taliaferro


I have the pleasure of introducing Sandra Taliaferro of the I Never Knew My Father blog! The title of Sandra’s blog says it all: having never known her father became a driving force to find everything about the Taliaferro family history. In Sandra’s own words, “I became obsessed!”

Her hunger for information and her commitment have paid off: she has learned so much about her father and her paternal ancestors. Sandra’s most significant finds to date are an aunt, four first cousins, and a brother! Never in her wildest dreams did she think her researching journey would lead to the family about which she never knew.

Sandra recently decided to expand her research to include her maternal line, the surname being MIDDLEBROOKS. At first, Sandra was going to create a separate blog for each ancestral line but then she decided it was too much work and chose to combine the two.

Sandra’s Blog and Her Family

Sandra’s brother is the only family member that may take a look at her blog occasionally. And when he does, he says, “Oh, that’s nice sweetie.” Sandra gives him a lot of credit because he helps her with her research when she contacts him for more information and even calls him her “research assistant!” Sandra’s brother will drive her around to archive facilities and spend hours going through records and making copies. There have been times where they would drive around for hours trying to locate places where their ancestors may have lived. He will even tolerate the mosquitoes and weeds while exploring cemeteries. Now that is a great research assistant!

If Sandra has a particular research find, she will email her cousins and share the information with them. Aside from that, there really are no friends or family who have much interest in following genealogy blogs.

How Sandra Follows The Rest Of Us

The ease and convenience of Google Reader works best for Sandra. She likes having the blogs which she currently follows in one place and available at a glance when something new has been posted. Sandra likes to click and go directly to the blog page and she feels that each blog is unique and creative. Sandra enjoys the visual appeal of the various blogs as opposed to the plainness of Google Reader. In the future, Sandra has plans to enhance the look of her blog.

On an average day, Sandra follows about ten to fifteen blogs and that number rises each week. She has a few favorites she must check daily, either for a new post or comments on an old post. Sandra does not receive posts via her email.

Sandra’s Thoughts on Starting Her Blog

Sandra’s biggest blogging fear was that she would not have enough to write about, and what she did write about, others would not be interested in what she had to say. Her recent post “Bloggers Block” came at a time when Sandra couldn’t think of anything to write about. She truly felt that maybe her blog was a mistake.

Sandra received many comments from other bloggers going thru the same situation with similar feelings. Sandra received suggestions on overcoming bloggers block. One suggestion that stands out for Sandra, was to write for herself, as if writing in a journal. This is great advice to anyone considering starting a blog: “Don’t write for what you think others want to read, write for yourself.” Sandra has also learned that if you don’t want to post each and every day, then don’t. Post when it comes from your heart which is in line with Sandra’s believe that our ancestors truly guide us.

Sandra’s first post, “Clueless,” described how she felt starting her blog. She quickly became comfortable, and when visiting other blogs, Sandra almost always tries to leave a comment to let the blogger know she was there. If she is unable to leave a comment, Sandra feels that’s ok too.

* * *

Please stop by and say hello to Sandra and leaving a comment to let her know you were there. Welcome Sandra, we are so glad you took that “leap” and we look forward to future posts at I Never Knew My Father!

© 2009, copyright Gini Webb

Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, recently retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her now seven grandchildren!

Are you a genealogy blogger who would like to be interviewed for the “May I Introduce To You . . .” series? If so, contact Gini Webb via e-mail.

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  1. Congrats Sandra. I love reading your blog! I think we all go through similar experiences when starting and working on our blogs.

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