May I Introduce To You . . . Missy Corley

Missy Corley

I have the pleasure to introduce to you Missy Corley of the Bayside Blog!

Missy’s blog is a mixture of personal, professional and other genealogy investigations as well as anecdotes, including advice on preserving family history and photos.

Missy became interested in her own family history about five years ago when researching and creating a scrapbook of her father’s life. Since then, she has earned a Masters degree in Library Science and became a consultant for Creative Memories.

Missy combined her interests in genealogy, preserving family stories and photos, and turned these into a business: Bayside Research Services, LLC and Creative Memory Consultant. In addition to her family history, Missy has researched everything from 19th-century schooners to Victorian homes.

Missy’s Family and Her Blog

Missy shares her blog with some family members and they love it. Missy and her family reminisce together as she talks about family members and events.

Missy has several aunts and cousins, along with her sister that are dedicated followers. When Missy posts to her blog, she alerts her family by way of Facebook — family then knows to check Missy’s blog. Several of her friends follow her blog when it pertains to scrapbooking, cemetery research and other topics of interest.

How Missy Follows The Rest Of Us

Currently, Missy follows about five to ten blogs daily as they are tweeted on Twitter. She will catch-up on the remainder in Google Reader, once or twice a week. Missy does not receive updates on blogs via her email, as that would be too many emails to deal with!

Missy’s Thoughts on Blogging

If Missy had any hesitations on blogging, they were short lived. Like many of us, she was concerned that she would not have enough content to post. Soon, Missy realized that wouldn’t be a problem, between the posting prompts on GeneaBloggers, writing prompts on other genealogy blogs and her own research, she now knows there is more to write about than she may be able to keep up with at times!

In Missy’s own words, “I’ve really enjoyed blogging and being a member of the genealogy blogging community. It’s definitely helped with my research as well!”

We are glad to have you here Missy, and look forward to many more posts.

* * *

Please head on over to Missy’s blog and leave her a comment to let her know you stopped by.

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Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, recently retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her now seven grandchildren!

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