May I Introduce To You . . . Judy Kellar Fox CG

Judy Kellar Fox CG

I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Judy Kellar Fox, CG and her blog, Pinpointing Dennis Buggy’s Irish Origins, described as, “. . . Pinpointing Dennis Buggy’s Irish Origins is an experiment in using a blog as a research report.  It follows a basic principle of Irish research: scour the U. S. records before tackling Irish sources.  Each post represents research in a different type of U. S. record, covering the bases.  I’ve never researched Irish ancestors, so I’m learning the Irish research as I go!  The Genealogical Proof Standard motivates me to acknowledge, discuss, and resolve conflicting information.  That, a wide search, careful analysis of information found, and full source citation assure that when Dennis Buggy’s birthplace is finally located, it will be with confidence!”

A native Californian, “. . . I migrated to Oregon when my children were small, attracted by my husband’s work with Intel.  My home is across the road from a small rural cemetery and from a nature park filled with Douglas firs, wild iris, and coyotes.”

How Judy Got Started in Genealogy

“It’s the detective work that appeals to me, so it probably started in childhood as a Dick Tracy comic book reader!

Collecting names and records for some twenty years gradually gave way to serious study, the NGS Home Study Course, and preparation of my portfolio for certification with the Board for Certification of Genealogists, awarded in 2007.”

Judy’s Thoughts on Blogging

My son the digital marketer nudged me for months to write a blog:

Son, ‘Mom, you have to write a blog.’

Me, ‘Why?  Who would care?  What do I have to say to anyone?’

Son, ‘You’ll be surprised.’

am surprised, and pleased.”

Judy’s Favorite Blog Post

“It hasn’t been written yet!  It will be the one that discusses where Dennis Buggy was actually born.  Stay tuned.  :-)”

Judy’s Tip for New Bloggers

“Written family history outshines pedigree charts any day, so I encourage you to make your contribution.”

How Genealogy Has Improved Judy’s Life

“Genealogical research and writing helped me through the worst days of chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer a few years ago.  My daily walk in the woods, ballroom dancing, and previously simple household activities gave way to fatigue, but there was usually enough energy for some online research and writing!  My work during that time gave me a sense of being able to do something worthwhile, despite ‘chemo brain.’”

Judy’s Favorite Ancestor(s)

“I’d rather share an event that convinced me of the value of sharing our ancestors with family.  A young cousin married last year, one hundred years after the marriage of his great-grandparents, whose wedding portrait I inherited.  I framed a copy of it as a gift and asked to speak at the reception.  Six of us attending the wedding had also participated in the great grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary a half-century before.  I talked about the coincidence of the marriage years and my hope that the great grandparents’ marital longevity would inspire the new couple to face challenges equally successfully together.

The bride and groom were thrilled.  Their photographer posed them in the same way as the great grandparents for a centennial remembrance photo.  Sharing a family memento and the story of the people attached to it gives a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves, which is so often lost in our mobile, disconnected lives.”

What Judy Loves Most About Genealogy

“The thrill of the hunt, the excitement of solving a problem, and crafting a written description of the problem and its solution.”

Judy’s Time Capsule Message

“Know the past to avoid its pitfalls and enjoy its inspirations.”

* * *

Please take a moment to head on over to Judy’s blog. Leave her a comment letting her know you stopped by. Welcome Judy, it’s great to have you here!

© 2013, copyright Gini Webb

Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, recently retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her now seven grandchildren!

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  1. Great story about the centennial connection of weddings in your family. I like the value of “human stories of family” over “pedigree charts.”

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