May I Introduce To You . . . Amanda E. Perrine

Amanda Perrine

I have the great pleasure of introducing you to Amanda E. Perrine of the blog, Amanda’s Athenaeum described as, “Genealogy, libraries and cultural heritage tourism.”

How Amanda Got Started in Genealogy

Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Amanda has been researching her family history off and on since mid-1994, when she was just 12 years old. She has been researching in earnest since 2006.

When Amanda was 12 years old, her maternal grandmother received a phone call followed by a package from a possible relative. “It was a tale of intrigue (name changes, an ancestor leaving her family and country for a new one (of each . . .), especially to a 12 year old, and I was fascinated. My great-aunts chose not to pursue the matter, due to moral issues, I think. However; I started researching our family history.”

Throughout middle and high school, Amanda and her grandmother would travel to cemeteries, courthouses, and libraries (“she had a car and money!”) and people would always start talking with her grandmother until they realized Amanda was the genealogist. “I have always focused on my mother’s family, as I have a great-aunt and great-uncle on my father’s side who have done an amazing amount of work on that side of the family. I still bring my grandma on most local research trips, my favorite being when she drives around downtown Buffalo showing where her family used to live and talking about how different it was in the 1940’s.”

Amanda’s Family and Her Blog

Amanda is not sure exactly how many family members read her blog, but since she started posting on Facebook through Networked Blogs, more family members have begun to fallow it, but most prefer to hear about her genealogical finds in person. She does know that her mom and husband enjoy following and reading her blog regularly.

How Amanda Follows the Rest of Us

All though Amanda prefers not to use her email for blog updates, she uses Google Reader to keep up with her blog reading. Amanda follows about a “couple hundred” blogs regularly, with more being added weekly.

Amanda’s Thoughts on Blogging

As Amanda was enjoying and reading many genealogy blogs, she soon realized and thought it would be fun to be a part of the genealogy blogging community. Amanda also liked the idea of putting her research online to find others searching for the same family lines.

At first, Amanda had a few blogging concerns . . . privacy was one of them, “ . . . I make it a point not to write about living generations and not speak about where I will be traveling in detail until after I come back.”

Her second concern was that she wouldn’t have enough to write about, or that she would be one of the multitude of people to stop blogging after a couple of months. “I have since realized I always have more information to write about and that it is okay that my posting tends to go in spurts depending on what is going on in my life (most recently grad school and getting married).”

Amanda came up with her blog title when she began a blog for library school, “I liked the alliteration and that the word athenaeum means a place dedicated to ‘the promotion of learning.’ Originally, I blogged under A Tale of Two Ancestors for genealogy, but combined the two blogs about a year ago when I realized how similar the material was.”

What Amanda Loves the Most About Genealogy

“The stories I have heard from my relatives. I love searching for old records in courthouses and libraries, but to hear stories about the people I find information on make them so much more alive. I am lucky that I started so early, I have learned about ancestors from three of my grandparents and many great-aunts and uncles.”

Amanda’s Time Capsule Message

“Be proud of your heritage. So many people trace their ancestry to find royalty or famous names. You are descended from gardeners, laborers and farmers. They were people like us; people who worked hard, love their family and friends and made their way through good times and bad; I find this so much more interesting and real.”

* * *

Please take a moment to head on over to Amanda’s blog. Leave her a comment letting her know you stopped by. Welcome Amanda, it’s great to have you here!

© 2011, copyright Gini Webb

Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, recently retired, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her now seven grandchildren!

Are you a genealogy blogger who would like to be interviewed for the “May I Introduce To You . . .” series? If so, contact Gini Webb via e-mail.

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