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May I Introduce To You . . . Alice Keesey Mecoy


I have the pleasure of introducing Alice Keesey Mecoy of the John Brown Kin blog!

Alice is the great great great granddaughter of John Brown, the abolitionist of Harpers Ferry fame. Alice’s blog takes you through his twenty children as well as her research adventures.

When Alice was a 16 years old, a local historian in California had tracked down her family and told Alice that she was related to John Brown. Alice never knew because the family’s connection to Brown had never been discussed.

Marriage, raising children and life in general allowed very little time for her to research information and family history connections to John Brown.. Five years ago Alice began to study her family history in earnest and it was at that time that John Brown and his extended family moved into her home!

Alice’s Family and Her Blog

Alice’s husband and son are great fans of her blog. Her husband supports her by reading and editing her posts online. Alice states, “I couldn’t do it without him!” He questions why Alice doesn’t post more often, so she has set up a posting calendar which helps her stay on track and post much more frequently.

Alice’s dad, brother, and sister also read her blog, but do not understand why she does it! There are a few extended Brown family members that enjoy reading her blog, but Alice’s biggest problem is not with family members reading her blog but that she talks about John Brown for hours at a time!

How Alice Follows the Rest of Us

Alice just recently started to follow genealogy and family history blogs. On a typical day, Alice follows about 30 blogs. When she finds one of interest to her, Alice adds the blog to a tab set up in iGoogle labeled “Genealogy Blogs.” She then reads through them at her leisure. Sometimes when Alice finds a blog that really intrigues her, she will spend hours reading through all of the posts. Alice is enjoying her recent discovery of the blog list over at GeneaBloggers and is always looking for more to read!

Currently, Alice does not receive posts via email but would one day like to have historians and extended Brown family members be guest bloggers. She feels it would be a great way to share family history.

Alice’s Thoughts On Starting a Blog

Alice’s only fear about blogging was that no one would want to read her posts. But that didn’t stop her. She wanted an outlet for the amount of information that she was collecting on a daily basis about her family history, and she felt a blog was the right choice.

Alice stresses the importance of backing up your blog!! She unfortunately had to redesign her blog after losing her highly modified template. Alice spent hours resetting all the bells and whistles. She now has regularly scheduled backups. Alice would love your feedback about her new set up and the ease of navigation.

* * *

There is an incredible amount of information on John Brown and as I read thru Alice’s blog, I learned so much about this man, his life and all that he had accomplished in the abolition movement.

Stop by and leave Alice a comment – let her know you were there. And welcome Alice to the genealogy blogging family!

© 2009, copyright Gini Webb

Gini Webb lives in San Diego, California and manages her own blog, Ginisology, while also researching her own German heritage, working full-time, enjoying life with wonderful husband Steve and visiting with her six (soon to be seven) grandchildren!

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