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I want to update all those members of GeneaBloggers who may have joined Meetup via an invitation from GeneaBloggers during the past year. You may have received an email from Meetup recently stating that there were “only 7 days to save GeneaBloggers.”

I cancelled my Meetup account because a) it cost me $150 annually and b) I felt there were better methods of organizing and tracking attendance of genealogy bloggers at genealogy conferences.  For me, the start of 2011 has been about adjusting my business plan and making sure that the monies I spend are wisely spent and used for resources that work rather than those that don’t.  Thus the decision to drop Meetup.  I will be using free sites like lanyrd as well as Conference Hound along with Facebook events to see who is attending events like RootsTech, Jamboree, etc.

One of the most annoying features of Meetup is its email process. Members complained of too many notifications including before an event, during an event, after an event etc.  And now Meetup sends an unnecessary and misleading email to members.  Can I tell you how many phone calls and emails I’ve had to deal with? I wonder to whom at Meetup do I send an invoice for my time spent on this? If you happen to know, please tell me.

Talk about unnecessarily creating panic.  Thanks Meetup.  Really.  Before I cancelled my account I was happy to just go on my merry way and use another method.  Now, I can call you out for actually being a piece of crap website application.

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