Google Reader Demise Forces Changes at GeneaBloggers

changes at geneabloggers


Well, I’ve put this off as long as I could, but with the Google Reader shutdown taking place on July 1, 2013, I feel obligated to inform members and readers of GeneaBloggers of some upcoming changes at the site.

The “back end” of GeneaBloggers is dependent on Google Reader, from the list of member blogs, to the list of genealogy blogs by type, and especially the rollup-widgets for the Daily Blogging Prompts. After four years in existence, it is time for me to move GeneaBloggers to a more reliable, less proprietary technology-specific platform for aggregating member content.

How Things Work Now with Google Reader and GeneaBloggers

Each day, I review over 500 blog posts from members of GeneaBloggers using my Google Reader account. I manually “tag” those posts which meet the criteria for that day’s Daily Blogging Prompt.  Yes, this is a “handcrafted” operation here at GeneaBloggers. In addition, when new blogs are added, they are added to my Google Reader and tagged by type.

All this takes me about 10 hours a week to do and it has been a labor of love since these listings have been key to the sense of community spirit at GeneaBloggers.

Ch-ch-ch-changes . . .

Here’s what you can expect to see over the next month:

  • Removal of roll-up-widgets for Daily Blogging Prompts: I’ve looked at other means of listing member content specific to a prompt, but none of the options would prevent spammers and the “ugly and toxic ones on the Web” as I call them from taking over the listings.  I will continue to look for new technologies that accomplish an aggregation of content based on keyword or topic, but again, I fear being too dependent upon a proprietary technology that could easily disappear next week or next year.
  • Use of Pinterest: Since January 2013, I have been posting member content to boards at Pinterest set up for some of the Daily Blogging Prompts. Doing so requires that each post have an image of a minimum size.  I will set up new boards for as many of the other prompts as I can.
  • Member blog listing: I will be converting the listing to a database that will include blog type and be searchable by keyword.

These changes will take place during the month of June 2013 and no later than July 1, 2013. Some you will see as soon as tomorrow; some will appear closer to the end of June. Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated and can be sent to geneabloggers at gmail dot com.

©2013, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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