Genea-Opportunities – 2012 Update


Well, we are half-way into 2012 and I’ve been meaning to present an update to the series Genea-Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money) which I published here in April 18, 2011.

Much has changed in the past 15 months, not just for me but in the genealogy community and industry as well.  I think it is high time we had a little refocus and hopefully generate the same lively discussion we had last year.  Are you with me?

Genealogy and Money – That’s Dirty Talk!

If you remember last year’s series of posts, it all started because many were afraid to discuss some of the issues related to earning a living in the genealogy field.  Also, since then I’ve seen some recent posts on several of the mailing lists (specifically the Transitional Genealogists Forum Mailing List) with questions about how to earn money, what are the opportunities, etc..


Just like last year, I’ll be posting all week on these topics – I hope you’ll join me in having a conversation within the genealogy community that is meaningful yet still allows a wide spectrum of opinions. Leave your comments in the posts or post at your own blog and cross-reference these posts. I’d also love to see the conversation picked up in the various genealogy mailing lists.

  • Monday: Genealogy Blogging – For Fun or Profit? – A discussion about whether or not a blog should have advertising, affiliate links, etc. and what constitutes a commercial genealogy blog, an individual genealogy blog and is there a balance that can and should be maintained.
  • Tuesday: Careers in Genealogy – A look at the “traditional” genealogy careers and a focus on some genealogists and family historians who are thinking “outside the genealogy charts,” as I put it, to carve out their own career paths.
  • Wednesday: What Do You Mean It Isn’t Free? – How do we as a community deal with the perception that everything – and I mean everything – is free for the taking when it comes to genealogy. From commercial databases, to freely stealing content from a blog or website, to being incensed when a genealogist charges for a webinar or a syllabus.  This will be a no-holds barred looked at why certain perceptions exist in the genealogy community and how they must change in order for the industry to move forward in the 21st century.
  • Thursday: How Do You Make Money in Genealogy? – Most readers here at GeneaBloggers and at my other sites know that I am a pretty open and transparent guy when it comes to disclosing my material relationships with other genealogy vendors and organizations. Well, I am willing to spell out what I currently do in the genealogy field to try and make a buck.  I may surprise you with exact dollar figures (but you will be greatly disappointed, believe me), and at the very least I will be upfront about some current projects.  I’m hoping my colleagues might consider doing the same.
  • Friday: Money Changes Everything – Or Does It? – finally at the end of the series we’ll recap the discussion and see how the genealogy community and industry needs to move forward in terms of its relationship to money.


As much as I don’t have time to do a lot of blogging, especially about important topics like how to make money in the genealogy field, I’ve wanted to do this update for some time.  I know that I’ll get back as much as I put into the posts and hopefully we’ll all be able to share our ideas about our passion: genealogy and family history.

©2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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