What’s Going On At Genealogy Wise?

Genealogy Wise

Both Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere are abuzz with some “goings on” at Genealogy Wise and try as I (and others) might, we can’t seem to get an answer from Genealogy Wise, FamilyLink, Paul Allen or others.

From what I’ve heard there are some serious issues and this goes beyond merely the layoff of 15 people in October 2009 or some dissatisfied former employees.  Various people have commented on a) how they feel they are owed monies promised to them for their work on various projects (non-payment of wages is a serious matter for me) and more disturbing b) how their accounts have been disabled or deleted on Genealogy Wise because they’ve decided to raise their voice an express an opinion.

I’d like to think that Paul Allen had learned his lesson with the Terry Thornton fiasco last July but sometimes it is just easier to revert to old nasty habits and try to “Stalinize” folks by wiping them out of the picture.  To test this, I just posted the following comment and message to the GeneaBloggers group over on Genealogy Wise:

Hello everyone

I’ve been stymied trying to send a message to all members of the GeneaBloggers group here on Genealogy Wise – so I apologize if this appears to be duplicate information.

A pre-emptive strike in case my account here at GW is removed – I am hearing of some disturbing problems about GW and no I don’t mean the layoffs which occurred in October 2009. That is old news.

I am receiving credible reports from users about non-payment of monies promised to certain GW folks who worked on various projects and more importantly that GW accounts are being removed for those people who have spoken up about various GW and FamilyLink practices. We all remember the Terry Thornton fiasco from last summer (see http://www.geneamusings.com/2009/07/gernealogy-wise-apology-to-terry.html) and I would hate to see dissent being handled by simply taking Stalin’s approach of making people disappear.

I have tried to contact GW management and other staff to no avail. So before this group and my account gets shut down let me say:

- as a blogger and as someone who has helped to build a community of bloggers, I find the idea of being unable to handle criticism and simply quashing free speech abhorrent

- please know that you are always welcome to join the GeneaBloggers Group on Facebook as well as visit the GeneaBloggers.com site.

- both of these are and always will be free and safe places where you can have an intelligent conversation like an adult.

Please stay tuned to GW issues over at GeneaBlogggers (http://www.geneabloggers.com) especially if this group or I “disappear.” It may be my own doing since I fail to see how GeneaBloggers can rightfully be affiliated with GW.

Thomas MacEntee

I’ll be monitoring the situation, the response to my message and by weeks end I may very well decide that an affiliate with Genealogy Wise is not so wise.  Stay tuned.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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