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new genealogy blogs

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Can you believe it? There are 24 newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blogs that we’ve located this week. Our total is now 741 blogs on our list! Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Here are this week’s new listings:

a land of deepest shade

A Land of Deepest Shade
Blog type: Cemetery blog

A genealogy blog dedicated to American funeralia, post-mortem photography, mourning customs, and cemeteries. Member of the Association of Graveyard Rabbits.

ancestry musings

Ancestral Musings
Blog type: Individual family history

Welcome to Ancestry Musings, a blog dedicated to my adventures in researching my family history. I have been researching my family for the past eight months and I have quickly fallen in love with genealogy. Although I am a writer by trade, I am looking to study genealogy and become certified in this type of research. But for now, I’m fascinated with discovering my own family.

baldock fagg small

Baldock/Fagg/Small Family
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I first started researching my family around 20 years ago. I was fortunate enough that a cousin of my dad had a Family Bible in her possession which, for personal reasons, she was unable to hand down. So, my dad being the nearest eldest Baldock male relative she knew, he received it. The inner pages had names and dates of a few ancestors, going back to 1831.

basias polish family

Basia’s Polish Family: From Wilno to Worcester
Blog type: Individual family history, Massachusetts genealogy, Polish genealogy

Researching the Genealogy of the Prokopowicz, Ruscik, & Blaszko Families from their origins in the Lida, Wilno area of Russian Poland to their settlement in Worcester, Massachusetts.

I am descended from two apparently unrelated Prokopowicz families with Polish Roman Catholic roots in the Lida area of what is now western Belarus (at one time Wilno gubernia of Russian Poland). My grandparents immigrated to the United States before World War I and settled in Worcester, Massachusetts, where I grew up. I am a journalist and the lead coauthor of The Polish Community of Worcester (Arcadia, 2003) and Worcester County’s Polish Community (Arcadia, 2007). Active in genealogy since 1996, I am a member of several genealogical societies and the founder/moderator of the PolishMass Yahoo! Group. I conduct presentations on Polish genealogy, documenting local and family heritage through vintage images, and the history of Polish settlement in Massachusetts. I have traveled to Poland, Belarus, and Lithuania to visit my ancestral villages and meet long-lost cousins. If I could time-travel, I would go back to Lida powiat to meet my great-grandparents and earlier ancestors.

enduring legacy

Enduring Legacy Genealogy
Blog type: Genealogy vendor, Research

After seeing the inefficiency of the first format of our website from late 2007-2008 ELG scrapped it. We have admired genealogical Blogs from other enthusiasts for some time. With the increased popularity of our services and demand for genealogical advice, news and tipsELG brings you our own WebLog. Content will be largely based on demand and include both general genealogical news of interest and updates on our services.

fanning family

Fanning Family History & Research
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Individual family history

This Family History blog is about the ancestors & descendants of William & Catherine Fanning nee Hayes who came out to Australia in 1841 from Thurles Co. Tipperary,Ireland and settled at Bulla in Victoria. Mostly it has Irish content relating to Fannings/Fannins in North Tipperary, in Thurles,Loughmore, Clondoty,Ballycahill,Littleton, Moycarky, Holycross, Lissaroon and Two-Mile-Borris. Australian Fanning family history is being added.

genealogy and other pursuits

Genealogy and Other Pursuits
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog is about families I have researched. I tend to do genealogy for the thrill of cracking the puzzle, maybe like other people do crosswords or jigsaw puzzles. I tend to go off on a limb of my family tree altough I couldn’t explain why. Many times I will see misinformation in a branch of my own tree and go off trying to track down the truth. So often, it’s out there, you just have to find it. You also have to enjoy looking in courthouses, etc.

genealogy ramblings

Genealogy Ramblings
Blog type: Individual family history

I’ve set up this blog to publish random items from my genealogical research. I’ve been working on my family genealogy since the mid 1970s. I will post many of my findings and will be writing about some of the brick walls I’ve come up against. Some (but not all) of the family names that I’ll be posting about are Hollingsworth, Lindsay (Lindsey), Lyon, Jimison (Jamison), Heller, Doyle, Kindig, Meeks (Meakes), Merrill, Crumrine and Libhart.


Blog type: DNA genealogy, Genealogy vendors

GeneTree ( is a new category of family networking site designed to help people understand where their personal histories belong within the greater human genetic story. The GeneTree site creates unparalleled opportunities for unlocking genetic heritage and identity, connecting with ancestors and living relatives, and sharing meaningful information and experiences to help preserve family histories. GeneTree expands the concept of family, providing fresh new answers and perspective to the universal questions, “Who am I?” and “Where do I come from?”

The vision for GeneTree was conceived in 2006 by principals at several Sorenson companies, who were curious about where they came from, and recognized that others shared the same curiosity and would want to connect and share family histories. The resulting innovative GeneTree tools and information will help fuel the efforts and imaginations of the countless people seeking greater knowledge about their genetic and cultural origins. The GeneTree beta site was formally launched October 23, 2007.

great greats

Blog type: Individual family history

This is my second attempt at my first blog creation. I’m hoping that it will be an easy way for me to share my research (and especially my research process) with family and other who are interested in our lines.

When I started my genealogy research, I had my 4 grandparent’s surnames, some good notes on one of them, and very little else. Now, about 10 years later, I have hundreds of surnames to research in the USA and Europe. Perhaps the biggest improvement is that I no longer feel alone in my quest. I have ‘genealogy cousins’ in several states and in England, in fact so many now that I am seriously behind in communicating with several of them….

I plan to use this blog to share research “finds” more than family trees per se. But given that this is all a grand experiment, we’ll just have to wait to see how it ends up! Have a GREAT day!

life in the past lane

Life In The Past Lane
Blog type: Individual family history

A look back at the lives of Grammy and Grampy and their ancestors. Grandmother of 6. I’ve always lived in New England, as have nearly all of my ancestors. I’ve been collecting them since I was 15.

lindas ramblings and other things

Linda’s Ramblings and Other Things
Blog type: Individual family history

West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Living life to the fullest and enjoying every moment! In love with a wonderful husband!! A Capreol Girl from 1959-1975, Belleville 1975-1985.

my colored roots

My Colored Roots
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Individual family history

I’m a Blogger now!

After attending the International Black Genealogy Summit (IBGS)(which was AWESOME) last weekend at The Allen County Public Library, I decided I needed a blog. I had already tentatively decided on the name for my blog. You may wonder My Colored Roots??? What’s that about? You’ll have to come back to see.

my family puzzle

My Family Puzzle
Blog type: Individual family history

I’m a grand-daughter, a niece and a daughter. But most importantly I’m a genealogist.

It all started with a school project for a class. I had to create my family tree. And a few years later (3 years to be exact) I started to do more and more and more research and since then I’ve grown to love it.

This is were I’ll be posting my research, my brickwalls and anything else that I find along the way.

nancys genealogy blog

Nancy’s Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Individual family history

I am a professional librarian, avid genealogists and researcher . I have begun over the last few years to translate some of my 20 years of extensive genealogical and historical research to web pages. I have received an excellent response to these sites, as well as receiving many nice compliments.

I love creating the genealogy pages, but I especially feel honored to host 4 (WWI , WWII and Korean War) Unites States Armed forces (Army and Navy) military unit reunion and history sites. I have divided my sites into the following categories. Please take a look and I’d love to hear from you.

orlando west virginia

Orlando, West Virginia
Blog type: Appalachian genealogy, West Virginia genealogy

In the heart of the West Virginia hills, at the edge of the Little Kanawha River Basin, is Oil Creek with its several tributaries. It was first settled at the beginning of the 1800s. At the confluence of Clover Fork & Oil Creek the town of Orlando developed in the late 1800s and withered in the mid 1900s. For two hundred years a small community has loved, worked, fought dreamed and worshiped here and raised new generations to do the same. Here are some of the stories of that community.

queensland genealogy

Queensland Genealogy
Blog type: Australian genealogy

If you have genealogy / family history research in Queensland, Australia, follow this blog for examples of interesting or unusual sources that I come across at Queensland State Archives and elsewhere.

region roots

Region Roots – Northwest Indiana Genealogy
Blog type: Indiana genealogy, Libraries & archives

The Lake County Public Library homepage offers links with a number of genealogy websites. Go to the library’s website: and on the homepage you will see a yellow box on the left with links. Go down to “Useful Web Sites” and click. You will see a list which includes “Genealogy”. Click that and you will get a list of links to genealogy-related sites.

shauna hicks

Shauna Hicks History Enterprises
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Genealogy vendors

Shauna worked in government for over 35 years primarily in libraries and archives including the State Library of Queensland, the John Oxley Library in Brisbane, the Queensland State Archives, the National Archives of Australia in Canberra and Public Record Office Victoria in Melbourne. She is currently Director of her own research and consultancy business.

Shauna has been tracing her own family history since 1977 and is a Fellow of the Queensland Family History Society. In 2009 Shauna received the Australasian Association of Family History Organisations (AAFHO) Services to Family History Awardfor her achievements in Queensland, Canberra and Victoria.

shaw genealogy

Shaw Genealogy
Blog type: Individual family history

Not just about the Shaw family, but the many branches of my tree. Follow along as I research, discuss methodology and tell the stories of my family’s past.

So, about me… I am a high school history teacher (please hire me!). I consider myself first and foremost a historian. Since genealogy is a branch of history, the jump was natural. I’m looking into get my professional certification.

sacramento valley gyr

The Sacramento Valley Graveyard Rabbit
Blog type: Cemeteries

The purpose of this blog is twofold:

Since I am from the Sacramento Valley, it is my hope to write about, and introduce those unfamiliar with this area to the cemeteries and culture (in regards to burial traditions and gravestones) of California’s “Capital Country.”

While I am interested in cemeteries and their histories, gravestones, burial traditions, etc. I still have MUCH to learn about these things, so this blog will also serve as a research journal and place for me to write about my discoveries in these areas.

the tangled branches

The Tangled Branches of My Family
Blog type: Individual family history

Note: this blog is a “revival” of From The Seed To The Branches which was listed here at GeneaBloggers as well. Here is an intro post from that blog back in December 2008:

I have to say that genealogy only vaguely interested me at one time. I remember as a little girl, going through the lower drawers of the old rolltop desk in the livingroom and finding old letters that my dad wrote my grandmother when he was overseas. It fascinated me that stamps were so cheap….and I though the 22 cent stamps were expensive back then!

Then I found this bound manuscript. It was large and it was heavy. I opened it up and glanced at the typographical text. It was a modern day version of the “Begats of Genesis” as I like to call them. I was entranced. The Laughlins, the Riggs, the Graces. And the Graces of Kilkenny, Ireland.

With a maiden name like Laughlin, Irish was as part of my blood as the German part. But little did I know how deeply the detailed history of my family would entrance me.

tracing decendants

Tracing Descendants
Blog type: Individual family history

I wish I knew about blogging a year ago. I could of kept an online journel of my family tree adventure! I know I drove my family nuts! Over the year of my dective work I have found out so much about my family. I just wished I started it years ago!

yarra plenty

Yarra Plenty Genealogy
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Libraries and archives

Yarra Plenty Regional Library services the outer municipalities of Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Banyule in the north of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This newsletter informs our community about current events, resources, including websites that can assist an Australian family history researcher with their research. It is managed by the Local History Librarian.

your future your past

Your Future, Your Past
Blog type: Genealogy vendor

Family Forest® was started in 1995 by Bruce and Kristine Harrison as a project to digitally connect history with the people who created it. The Harrisons began compiling an immense interlinked digital database of genealogical and historical information. Millisecond Publishing Company was then incorporated in December 1996.

Now well over 40,000 hours have been spent researching and developing the Family Forest® product. More than hundreds of great printed resources from throughout the United States have been accessed in the process. Family Forest® is now a fully-sourced lineage-linked digital database with instant access to ancestral connections of millions of people that spans over twenty centuries and multiple continents.

From the incredible amount of fascinating information located during the Family Forest® Project, the Harrisons have released over eight highly acclaimed products. These products have culminated in the creation of a preview Family Forest® New World Edition. In 2004 and again in 2008 Family Forest® made international news.

© 2009, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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