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new genealogy blogs

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Here are this week’s new listings:

academia dominicana

Academia dominicana de genealogía y heráldica, inc.
Blog type: Dominican Republic genealogy, Hispanic genealogy

La Academia Dominicana de Genelogía y Heráldica, Inc. nace come parte de una idea del Ing. Luis José Prieto de crear una entidad académica que representara en iguales condiciones los dos disciplinas auxiliaries de la Historia, como son la Genelogía y la Heráldica, y gracias a la motivación por parte del Dr. Francisco de las Heras, para que creáramos la misma.

Translation via Google Translate:  The Dominican Academy of genealogy and heraldry, Inc. was born eats part of an idea by Mr. Luis Jose Prieto to create an academic institution under the same conditions representing the two auxiliary disciplines of history, such as genealogy and Heraldry, and thanks motivation by Dr. Francisco de las Heras, to create the same.


Afigen – Aficionados a la genelogía
Blog type: Hispanic genealogy, Spanish genealogy

Desde finales del año 2007 estoy investigando los apellidos Echeveste-Etxebeste y Senar. También estoy haciendo el árbol genealógico de mis antepasados con estos apellidos. Ahora, gracias al punto de encuentro, tengo la posibilidad de conocer más gente con esta afición y con la que comentar lo que estoy investigando. Si tú también estás interesad@ en estos temas, y no sabes por donde empezar a investigar, acércate al punto de encuentro, y te orientaremos sobre los archivos, páginas de internet… que se pueden consultar para buscar información. Desde aquí quiero dar las gracias a la Asociación de Vecinos de Meaka, por darnos la posibilidad, de tener un punto de encuentro en Irún.

Translation via Google Translate: Since late 2007 I am researching the surnames Echeveste Etxebeste and Senar. I’m also doing the family tree of my ancestors with this surname. Now, thanks to the meeting, I have the chance to meet more people with this hobby and with that comment as I am researching. If you too you are interested in these issues, and do not know where to begin to investigate, come to the meeting, and give you advice on archives, websites … that can be queried for information. From here I want to thank the Meaka Neighborhood Association, for giving us the possibility of having a meeting in Irun.

appelido echeveste

Apellido Echeveste – Etxebeste
Blog type: Hispanic genealogy, Spain genealogy

Árbol familiar de los descendientes de Francisco Echeveste y Manuela Chillar, casados en Irún (Gipuzkoa) el 19 de Octubre de 1722.
Apuntes de genelogía

Hace unos dos años, empecé a investigar sobre los antepasados de mis abuelos. Todo empezó por la curiosidad que despertó en mí, los apellidos de mi abuela materna Josefa Angela Echeveste Echeveste, de Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa). Que se repitan los apellidos me hizo sospechar, que sus padres pudieran ser primos y… así fué. Resultó que lo eran. También descubrí que se había casado con un primo segundo suyo, que también tenía este apellido: José Ramón Aranzasti Arbelaiz Altuna Echeveste. Vaya sorpresa me llevé cuando comprobé que tres de mis bisabuelos eran nietos de Juan Martín Echeveste Echeverria-Justiz y Juana Francisca Miranda Olazábal!!! Si tú también tienes este apellido puedes dejar un comentario o enviarme un mensaje por correo electrónico. Estaré encantada de conocerte y, si además puedes aportar información, fotos… te estaré muy agradecida.

Translation via Google Translate:  About two years ago, I began to research the ancestors of my grandparents. It all started with curiosity aroused in me the names of my maternal grandmother Josefa Angela Echeveste Echeveste of Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa). A repetition of the names made me suspect that their parents could be prime y. .. so it was. It turned out that they were. I also discovered that she had married a second cousin of his who also had this name: José Ramón Aranzasti Arbelaiz Echeveste Altuna. What a surprise I got when I saw that three of my grandchildren, great-grandparents were Juan Martin Echeverria-Justiz Echeveste Olazabal and Juan Francisco Miranda! If you have this name can also leave a comment or send me an email. I look forward to meeting you and if you can also contribute information, photos … I’ll be very grateful.

apuntes de genelogia

Apuntes de genelogía
Blog type: Hispanic genealogy, Spain genealogy

Genealogy and heraldry of Spain.

community heritage

Community Heritage and Family History
Blog type: Canadian genealogy, Genealogy library blogs

Welcome to the Community Heritage and Family History blog section of Calgary Public Library’s website!

Calgary Public Library’s Community Heritage and Family History collection is a treasure trove of historical research material for anyone interested in our Western history and roots. On the 4th Floor of the Central Library lives this remarkable collection of books, pamphlets, magazines, DVDs, maps, and more on Calgary and Alberta history. In addition, our visual heritage is available online, through our digital postcard and photograph collections, for you to explore.

We are very excited about the launch of this blog and using it as a means of sharing with you some of the interesting, quirky, and fascinating items of historical and genealogical interest from these wonderful collections. We also look forward to your comments, feedback, and suggestions.

Also, you can keep updated by subscribing to the RSS feed so that you will know each time we post a new entry.

family history writing

Family History Writing
Blog type: Writing your family history

Family history research is so fascinating that it deserves to be shared. Here are one writer’s musings and insights about making that process palatable and inviting to others.

I love people. I love family history and I like to write. My degree in sociology makes my research and family history writing even more interesting to me. I’m currently heading up a family committee who is publishing our third 800 page volume. I also helped my father-in-law with his personal history and that of my mother-in-law. Doing this work is fun and satisfying to me. I’m convinced of the importance of knowing who we are by knowing where we came from.

genelogia blog

Genelogía blog
Blog type: Hispanic genealogy

La llegada de Internet supuso una revolución en el mundo de la información, permitiéndonos acceder a todos los campos del conocimiento. Ahora los Blogs llevan esta revolución al mundo de la comunicación.

Cualquier persona, en cualquier parte del planeta, puede publicar su diario personal y ponerlo a disposición de millones de internautas. Hacerlo es sencillo. Sólo es cuestión de ponerse a escribir. Y temas no faltan. Basta con echar un vistazo en Google para encontrarnos con bitácoras sobre viajes, cine, mountain bike, triatlón, matemáticas, gastronomía… y, por qué no, también sobre Genealogía. Aunque dicho sea de paso, se encuentran menos blogs sobre esta materia de lo que cabría esperar.

Translation via Google Translate:  The Internet brought about a revolution in the world of information, allowing access to all fields of knowledge. Blogs now lead this revolution to the world of communication.

Any person, anywhere in the world, you can publish your journal and make it available to millions of Internet users. Doing so is simple. Be only a matter of typing. And no shortage of topics. Just take a look on Google to find with blogs about travel, movies, mountain biking, triathlon, mathematics, gastronomy … and, why not also on Genealogy. Although by the way, there are fewer blogs in this area than expected.

genelogia alloa alanda

Genealogía de las familias ALLOA y ALANDA
Blog type: Argentina genealogy, Hispanic genealogy, South American genealogy

¡Bienvenido! ¡Bienvenida! En este sitio se encuentran los resultados de mis investigaciones genealógícas referentes a los ALLOA y ALANDA. En él nada es secreto. Si usted desea agregar un comentario, no dude en hacerlo. ¡Gracias!

Translation via Google Translate:  Welcome! Welcome! In this site are the results of my genealogical research relating to ALLO and Aland. It is no secret. If you want to add a comment, please do so. Thanks!

genelogia e historia chile

Genealogía e historia familiar en Chile
Blog type: Chilean genealogy, Hispanic genealogy

¿Deseas conocer la historia de los formadores de tu familia? ¿Quisieras enterarte de quiénes fueron tus ancestros? Mi Blog es una invitación, una guía y una orientación para que tú inicies la búsqueda de tus ancestros chilenos, de las raíces de tu familia y de sus historias.

Si no te atreves, no puedes o no sabes efectuarlo, te ofrezco mis experimentados servicios de investigación. Solicítame te envíe un archivo con información sobre mi arancel y otros antecedentes, sin compromiso alguno para tí, escribiendo a mi dirección de correo electró

Translation via Google Translate:  Want to know the history of the trainers in your family? Would you like to find out who were your ancestors? My blog is an invitation, a guide and a guide for you you start searching for your ancestors Chileans, the roots of your family and their stories.

If you dare, or do not know can not execute it, I offer my experienced research services. Claimam send you a file with information about my fee and other information, without obligation for you, writing to my e-mail address: historiador.familiar @

genelogia e historias

Genealogía e historias…
Blog type: Hispanic genealogy, Spain genealogy

Genealogy and history from Aragon, Spain.

generations web

Generations Web
Blog type: Genealogy vendor blog, Jewish genealogy

I’ve been doing genealogy research for nearly twenty years and helping others with their research for more than five years. My focus is general research in the 19th and 20th centuries, including immigrant records. I specialize in researching Jewish immigrant ancestors and particularly enjoy solving difficult Jewish name problems. My first career as a researcher in Linguistics has given me skills that help me track and work through the sometimes thorny problem of Jewish ancestral family and place names as they morphed through time and space.

I can find family history records for you, including census records, naturalization papers and passenger manifests; wills and deeds; birth, marriage and death certificates; and military records. I can trace your family presence in city directories and newspapers, and in many cases back to census and other records in “the old country,” including Poland, Russia, Austria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

I work at libraries, archives, and courthouses in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and all New York boroughs, but can find records for you nationwide, in Canada and the UK. I’ve recently researched records in Pittsburgh, Florida, Mobile, Montreal and Liverpool.

I can publish your family history–as a book, on DVD, and/or a website–using your written reports, charts, and stories; working with you to edit your stories; or taking your information and writing from scratch; and including family photos and documents, family history records, and maps. I work in Photoshop to restore family photos.

For a formal genealogical family history report, we’ll start with what you already know about your family and work from the most recent and known information back to the less recent and unknown.

hendricks co indiana

Hendricks County, Indiana Genealogy Blog
Blog type: Indiana genealogy, Midwest genealogy

News and research tips for finding out about ancestors that lived in Hendrick County, Indiana.

in honor of my ancestors

In Honor of My Ancestors
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Individual family history

When I was growing up I knew very little about my family outside of my maternal grandmother. And what little information I did know came from an old black and white picture in my mother photo album and the stories my mother told me about a family vacation to Naples,Texas when she was ten years old. The photo was dated 1954 and was taken in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco when my great grandmother left Texas to visit her three children who migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area during World War II. The photograph showed my mother being held by my grand aunt, with my grandmother, great grandmother and others standing by her side. This photo would be the inspiration that would lead me on a journey of self-discovery to uncovering my family heritage.

My journey began when I was a sophomore in college, after reading Margaret Walker’s Jubilee for an African American’s literature course. The professor informed the class that the novel was based on oral history. The professor went on to talk about conducting genealogy research and the unique location of the college since it was so close to various repositories – Sutro California State Library, National Archives and Records Administration, and a family history center. After the class ended, I ran to the college library and checked every book I could find on doing genealogy. After reading a few books, I felt I was ready to start researching. I figured I would learn everything I needed to know about my family by the end of summer.

Little did I realize, the project I was attempting to do would require more than a couple of months. My summer adventure has turned into a life long journey full of documenting the challenges and successes of my ancestors and their descendants.


Blog type: Technology blog

JLog was started in the Fall of 2006 through a series of unrelated minor incidents which together constitute a major accident.

And it was never meant to be called JLog. I just couldn’t think of anything else at the moment and I thought I could change it later. “Simple computer technology for genealogists” was bestowed on JLog by Geoff Rasmussen of Legacy Family Tree who announced it to his tens of thousands of genealogy subscribers as a ‘technology blog’. Tens of thousands of people came over for a look, realized it was a joke and left, never to return.

I was born in Ohio and lived there until the age of 11. After a whirlwind tour of the planet, I arrived in Canada a few years later. After enrolling in university to become a doctor, I realized that I preferred dead people to living ones and inanimate objects to ones that move quickly. I changed my course of study to mathematics and computers.

In the grand scheme of things, I know very little about computers (although I work as a computer tech) and even less about genealogy (although I know a lot of dead people). I assume you arrived here looking for how to crack KeePass. Many people do. I hope you realize by now that you can’t. If you’re looking for a ‘cracked’ version of KeePass, you don’t need one. It’s free.

meanderings wanderings

Meandering and Wanderings
Blog type: Individual family history

Self discovery one ancestor at a time…  I believe in public history; in a history that is everyone’s to share.

This blog embodies my philosophy as I share tips I’ve learned through my research, interesting stories about genealogy and ancestor profiles that help bring personality to the blog. I am new, but I am eager.

Subjects discussed: heraldry, kinship, history.


Blog type: Hispanic genealogy

Internet genealogy service with emphasis on Argentina genealogy.

novedades en genelogia

Novedades en Genelogía
Blog type: Hispanic genealogy,

Recursos novedosos, interesantes, para la busqueda de nuestros antepasados.

Translation via Google Translate:  New and interesting resources in the search for our ancestors.

nuestra familia en mundo

Nuestra familia en el mundo
Blog type: Hispanic genealogy, Portuguese genealogy, Spain genealogy

Hace años que estamos trabajando en la reconstrucción de la historia de nuestra familia. Hemos avanzado mucho.

Hoy es un momento propicio para compartir parte de nuestro recorrido. Te contamos que estamos construyendo junto a los parientes el árbol genealógico de las familias. Trabajamos en un sitio cerrado, al que se accede por invitación electrónica. Allí compartimos información sobre nuestros antepasados, documentos, fotos, anécdotas familiares. Si compartes alguno de los apellidos que hemos listado en nuestro blog (apellidos italianos, otros apellidos italianos, otros apellidos de Portugal y España) piensas que podemos estar emparentados y tienes ganas de compartir nuestro árbol, envía un correo a

Hoy sabemos más de nuestros antepasados. Tenemos nombres de lugares, tenemos fechas. Tenemos hasta documentos, cuando, al comienzo de esta búsqueda, no teníamos ninguno.

Pero el núcleo duro de lo que sabemos sigue siendo lo que ya sabíamos: eso que no vamos encontrar escrito en ninguna parte, excepto que lo escribamos nosotros.

Si estás buscando algún familiar o apellido que no figura entre los de nuestra familia, te proponemos usar los comentarios a los post para dejar asentada tu búsqueda. Quién sabe, quizá te sea de ayuda. También te invitamos a compartir anécdotas sobre tus antepasados y sobre tu propia búsqueda. Juntos podemos hacer de este espacio un faro para otros que pueden estar buscando lo mismo que nosotros.

Translation via Google Translate:  Years ago we are working on reconstructing the history of our family. We have come a long way.

Today is a propitious moment to share part of our journey. We tell you that we are building next to the relatives of the family tree . We work in a closed site, accessed by electronic invitation. They share information about our ancestors, documents, photos, family anecdotes. If you share any of the names we have listed in our blog ( Italian surnames ,other Italian surnames , other surnames of Portugal and Spain) think we can be related and you would like to share our tree, send an email to
Today we know more about our ancestors. We have names of places, we have dates. We have to document when, at the beginning of this search, we had none. But the core of what we know is still what we already knew: that we will not find written anywhere, except that we write ourselves.

If you are looking for a relative or a name that not one of our family, we propose to use the comments to post to leave settled your search. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to help. We also invite you to share stories about your ancestors and your own search. Together we can make this spot a beacon to others who may be looking the same as us.

our scottish heritage

Our Scottish Heritage
Blog type: Individual family history, Scottish genealogy

I was born and raised in Scotland but currently call Tennessee, USA home. My family includes my spouse, 4 children, and a dog. I trained in Interior Design but consider myself “retired” from that field. I am more interested in genealogy, embroidery and quilting and will occasionally putter around with drawing and painting.

Hi and welcome to my genealogy blog. It deliberately has a narrow focus – Scotland – because that is where I grew up and where most of my ancestral research is located. (Okay so some other countries are involved as well depending upon where my relatives landed !!!!!)

una genelogia de tucman

Una Genealogía de Tucumán
Blog type: Argentina genealogy, Hispanic genealogy, South American genealogy

Genealogía de mi familia en Tucumán, [ver indice de entradas por familia o entradas viejas al final de la página]. Escribeme a

Translation via Google Translate:  Genealogy of my Tucumán family, (look at the index entries or the original entries at the bottom of the page). E-mail me at

vermont genealogy

Vermont Genealogy Blog
Blog type: New England genealogy, Research blog, Vermont genealogy

I am a genealogy fanatic. A bit obsessed, really. And I love this wonderful, beautiful, serene state I live in (Vermont, if the title of this blog or post wasn’t obvious). Combine both of those facts with my love of writing, and you have the birth of this Vermont genealogy blog.

My goal for this blog is to become a leading point of reference for genealogists residing in Vermont or performing research about their Vermont lineage. I will feature local genealogy classes, workshops, and evens on a monthly basis (so if you have anything coming up, by all means let me know about it). I will also include information related to conducting genealogy in Vermont and the history of Vermont.

At some point in the future I will be seeking out guest bloggers who can hopefully add a fresh spin to this blog. If you are an expert in genealogy, or simply a hobbyist with something interesting to share, and you are interested in guest blogging here, let me know.

If you have a blog related to Vermont or New England genealogy, I would be happy to check out your site, and as long as it is family friendly, and I feel could be of use and interest to my readers, I will include you in my blog roll. Of course, I would appreciate the same in return, but that is completely up to you.

Finally, if there is anything you would like to see covered in this blog, please let me know and I will consider posting about it at some point. I am especially interested in suggestions for regular features (such as the monthly list of events I previously mentioned).

your ancestors free

Your Ancestors Free
Blog type: UK genealogy

Welcome to ”Your Ancestors Free. Com” The best resources for your family history.

Find here help for your family tree . What are the best free and the best paid sites. Where and how can you save money on your family history.’ ‘Your Ancestors Free .Com” covers mainly England and Northern Ireland at the moment. It has grown from ”English Ancestors” to include Australia.

I have included some of my own research, please leave a comment if something interests you. If you have an interesting story to share , then leave a comment and we could publish your story.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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