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For Blogger:

1. Highlight the text in the box below, right-click and select Copy
2. In Blogger, go to Layout
3. Select Add A Gadget
4. Select HTML/Javascript
5. In the Content area, right-click and select Paste
6. Click Save

For WordPress:

1. Highlight the text in the box below, right-click and select Copy
2. In WordPress, go to Appearance
3. Select Widgets
4. Locate Text and “drag” the Text item over to the list of Widgets on the right
5. In the list of Widgets, locate new widget and click Edit
6. Right-click and select Paste
7. Click Done
8. Click Save Changes

<a href=""><img alt="" src="" /></a>

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5 thoughts on “Get Your GeneaBloggers Badge

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  2. Hello, Thank you for making me a Geneablogger. I have already received emails. I am having trouble with the badge. I am very tech savy, so I understand the instructions. But the badge does not appear. Can you possible email me the text to copy and paste?

  3. I seem to be having the same problem as Shelly. I follow the steps, save the layout then click to view and all I get it this box with a red x. Sorry to bother you but I would really like to place this on my blog.

  4. Thanks for addding me to GejeaBloggers. As I tried to add the badge, it didn’t work after 3 tries. I use WordPress and have Vista. When I copied the link into my wordpress account, the text shows up on my blog site, but no badge. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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