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GeneaBloggers FAQs

Everything you ever wanted to know about GeneaBloggers, but were afraid to ask!

How do the Daily Blogging Prompts appear on Pinterest?

The process is simply really:

  1. Your blog must be listed at GeneaBloggers.  Visit the Suggest a Blog section to submit your blog.
  2. Your blog post should include the name of the Daily Blogging Prompt in the title, such as “Tombstone Tuesday – Rita Book 1927 – 1999.”
  3. Several times a day I review the more than 500 new blog posts from members of GeneaBloggers that appear in my Feedly reader. I manually pin the blog posts that match that day’s Daily Blogging Prompts to the corresponding boards at Pinterest.

Why isn’t my post included on the Pinterest board for Daily Blogging Prompts?

  1. I can’t always pin blog posts right away.  I run a genealogy business from my home and my clients come first.  In addition, I travel all over the US speaking and lecturing on genealogy so I may be in-transit between home and some exotic genealogy location.
  2. There is a “time lag” with RSS feeds from time to time.  You are always free to email me at geneabloggers at gmail dot com to ask if I can check and see if there is a problem.
  3. If your post does not have an image or the image is too small, I can’t pin it to Pinterest.

How many staff do you have at GeneaBloggers?

I wish.  Just me.

Is there a cost to be a member of GeneaBloggers?

GeneaBloggers is a free service and will always remain free.  You can support GeneaBloggers by clicking the links in the sidebar to purchase products such as those at Amazon or Legacy QuickGuides.  Every bit helps.

©2014, copyright Thomas MacEntee. All rights reserved.

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  1. Thomas, how do we change the “categories” for our blog, as displayed by the search? e.g. mine shows Canada (good) but also Michigan and Midwest (nothing to do with my blog). I’d like to add Quebec, Scotland, and Latvia.

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