5 thoughts on “We are experiencing . . .

  1. I posted a query over at the Google Reader Discussion group “Something’s Broken” and others have responded that it is not working for them – no matter what blogging platform.

    So, I went to Settings, Import/Export and exported my subscriptions (which I do as part of Data Backup Day any way) into an XMl file.

    Then I opened it in Word and did LOTS OF CLEANUP to get the data to appear as links. I don’t recommend this for the faint of heart – it required many uses of Search & Replace and macros. But from this point forward I may do this instead having to relying upon the whims of Google and their lack of communication.

  2. That all sounds way over my head. The idea of recreating my blogroll manually is almost too depressing to contemplate but it looks like I have to do that or switch to a feed of recent posts. You get what you pay for I guess. *sigh*

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