Daily Blogging Prompt Rollups Are Back and Here Comes Pinterest

GeneaBloggers on Pinterest

As many readers of GeneaBloggers know, we’ve had problems displaying the Google Reader widgets with lists of the Daily Blogging Prompts each day.  The issue started about six weeks ago and this is basically what was happening: the widget code was being stripped out of the blog post once it was published.

My Productivity Trick: Pre-posting on WordPress

Each Saturday afternoon, I spend a few hours writing the 10 or so blog posts that appear at GeneaBloggers each week. I use the WordPress “schedule” feature to do this and it really helps me be more productive.  There’s nothing worse than having to think about posting to your blog at 11:00 pm each evening so they appear the next day.

So if you thought I posted each day, I’ll confess that it is all smoke and mirrors! Scheduling blog posts can also be done on Blogger and if you pair the practice with an editorial calendar, then you can really get a jump on a week or more of blog posts.

WordPress 3.5.1 Upgrade Fixed the Widget Issue

Over the weekend I finally found some time to research this disappearing act related to the widget code.  At first, I thought it was related to the new template in use.  Finally, I saw several other WordPress users post this similar issue and the solution was the new upgrade to WordPress which was released late last week.

So I’ve run the update and viola! The widget code now works! So I will be including the widgets in the future.

How You Can Make Sure Your Post Is Included

I’m not sure that readers know exactly how their post which matches a Daily Blogging Prompt appears in the rollup widgets.  It isn’t magic . . . it actually represents quite a bit of work on my part.

Each day I review over 500 blog posts in my Google Reader (and that is just genealogy blogs . . . I have a separate Google Reader account for tech and personal blog reading). Once I find a blog post that matches a Daily Blogging Prompt, I use the Tag feature and “tag” it with the name of the prompt.  This takes me anywhere from 1-2 hours each day.

One way you can help speed up the process is to make sure that the name of the Daily Blogging Prompt is in the title of your blog post, preferably at the beginning.  So now you know how it all works!

Pinterest Comes to GeneaBloggers

During the recent Great Daily Blogging Prompt Rollup Widget Outage as I call it, I’ve started experimenting with Pinterest. The main profile for GeneaBloggers is at http://pinterest.com/geneabloggers/ and there are 28 boards with more to be added soon.

I’ve joined the Pinterest bandwagon despite the counsel of good friends who warn that I will soon need a “pintervention” for this reason: in terms of sites that bring traffic to a website, Pinterest is now ranked #3 (behind Facebook and Google). And the Pinterest demographic matches many of the markets that I follow. In fact I’ve noticed almost a 50% increase in the requests to add new blogs to GeneaBloggers (we had 17 new ones last week!)

Not all Daily Blogging Prompts have a Pinterest board since some prompts don’t lend themselves to the visual. In order for your post to appear on our Pinterest boards, it must have an image and match that specific daily blogging prompt.

More Daily Blogging Prompts Soon!

Finally, I am sitting on several months worth of suggestions related to new Daily Blogging Prompts for GeneaBloggers.  I have them and need to get them set up.  I appreciate your patience and I’ll be announcing the new prompts shortly.

As always, thanks for your continued support in helping to build a community of genealogy and family history bloggers!

©2013. copyright Thomas MacEntee

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