Who Do You Think You Are? Blair Underwood Ratings

Ratings for Who Do You Think You Are?

The overnight ratings for Season 3 Episode 3 of Who Do You Think You Are? with Blair Underwood have been posted over at Zap 2 It – TV by the numbers and Futon Critic.

The total viewers for the episode were 4.99 million, with a 1.0 Rating and a 3 Share for the key 18-49 demographic. The episode ranked 3rd in its time slot and 5th for the overall evening ranking.

This represents a 10% decrease of viewership over last week’s Marisa Tomei episode and a 20% decrease over the premier episode with Martin Sheen. Also of concern is the fact that these are the lowest numbers for any WDYTYA episode over the course of the three seasons (not including repeat episodes.)

I’ve been trying to figure out why the ratings are so low both for the Underwood episode and Season 3.  Could it be the lack of winter weather this year? If you remember last year many parts of the country were practically snowed in and it makes sense that television viewership would be up.  Also could it be that the economy really is improving and folks who would stay home on Friday evenings now go out to dinner or the movies?

There are seven more episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? to go this season and the way things are looking, I’m wondering if this will be the last season on NBC. Stay tuned.


Here is what fellow genealogists and family historians with their own blogs are saying about WDYTYA:

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5 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are? Blair Underwood Ratings

  1. This ratings drop is really sad but I have to say I have been a bit disappointed with the direction this season has taken. I feel like the producers are trying to do too much in too little time. As a viewer, I loved learning about the research process and learning how to research as well as getting the historical story. This season, it feels like the research has all been done and they are simply taking the celebrity through the paces.

  2. There are bound to be some episodes that get better viewership than others. I sure hope it’s not the last season! So many genealogists and NON-genealogists I know truly look forward to it. One thing I noticed that was different about this one compared to previous episodes: Blair seemed to be the main narrator. I kind of missed the previous narrator’s voice–gave the program a certain feel that seemed to be missing when the featured celebrity did most of his own narration.

  3. I thought this was one of the better episodes. It clearly highlighted the brick wall slavery caused. And it was more of a teaching episode than other episodes.

    Maybe it would do better if they wouldn’t tout the celebrities as our most beloved. There are a couple I don’t even recognize!

    Also, I like the episodes where the “stars” get more involved with the research.

  4. I agree that the program has changed its focus. The research process is gone; the actor just walks through showing the results. Perhaps nongenealogists prefer that but I think a balance would be better.
    It would be great if each episode could include a tip, a resource, a crumb thrown to genealogists for their own research [something beside telling us to subscribe to ancestry].

  5. The original WDYTYA show was a UK creation and airs on BBC in the UK. In fact, Lisa Kudrow got her idea while she was watching it air in Ireland. It has so much more substance, & really draws the viewer into the unraveling puzzle of research. It’s real historical drama with an educational twist. But of course, BBC is a non-commercial government-sponsored network so there are no commercials and it’s an hour long. That makes an enormous difference.

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