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In a recent email, one of our members, Russ Worthington (who runs the fantastic A Worthington Weblog) suggested a new feature for GeneaBloggers:

I have been able to hear and/or see Geneabloggers over the past, almost a year. However, I have missed several.

Many, but not all, of the Genealogy conferences appear to be out of my driving range (budget constraints), as a lot of them are west of the Mississippi.

Since many Geneabloggers are also speakers, appear at society meetings, Have you thought about having some way to share these speaking calendars. Recently, Laura Prescott was within a 3 hour drive for me, and would have gone to see here, based on her topic. But, I didn’t find out about it soon enough to let me plan.

I don’t know if its a good idea or not, but thought I would ask. Based on what I saw from the recent CA Meeting, I am guessing that other Bloggers would travel to see others.

Thanks for listening.

Well we’ve listened and we think Russ has a great idea.  And that’s why we’ve just greated two new features here at GeneaBloggers: a GeneaBloggers Speaker Appearances page as well as a GeneaBloggers Speakers Bureau.

GeneaBloggers Speaker Appearances*

The GeneaBloggers Speaker Appearances page works off the GeneaBloggers calendar listing our various carnivals, memes and other events.  It will list the name of the GeneaBlogger member, where they are speaking, the title of the presentation as well as more information on the event.

E-mail if you would like to have your upcoming appearance listed.  Include your name, the location of the event, the title of the presentation and any other information which will make it easier for a fellow GeneaBlogger to attend.

GeneaBloggers Speakers Bureau**

In addition to the calendar listing appearances, we thought it might help our members who regularly give presentations to have a snippet of their speaking portfolio listed.  The GeneaBloggers Speakers Bureau aims to be a clearing house for those members of GeneaBloggers who want to advertise their availability for speaking engagements.  This will also make it easier for genealogical societies, libraries and other organizations who are looking for genealogy and family history speakers.

If you would like your speaking information listed, e-mail and include your name, location, a link to your blog or website, a list of speaking topics, and a list of presentation titles along with a way to be contacted.

* Speakers are not representing GeneaBloggers during their appearances unless otherwise stated. This calendar is a convenient way for readers and fellow GeneaBloggers members to attend presentations by other GeneaBloggers members.

** The GeneaBloggers Speakers Bureau is a way for GeneaBloggers members to advertise their services as lecturers and speakers.  GeneaBloggers does not represent these speakers, unless otherwise noted these speakers do not represent GeneaBloggers while they lecture,  and you must contact them directly to engage their services.

© 2009, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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