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Well rather than do their homework, Ancestors and Kin has decided it is much easier to try to wage war with not just me but the genealogy community. Please read my previous post here for the start of the saga.

Having been in the blogosphere for some time, you have to have a thick skin. And frankly, I’ve been called worse by better. You can see the current response by Mr. Campbell, owner of Ancestors and Kin, here. (And perhaps he’ll see the proper way to link to a post and give attribution by reading this post).

I don’t intend to engage in a tug-of-war here but let me clarify a few things:

  • WHOIS information is a matter of public record, not personal information. If you don’t want your personal information revealed then purchase one of the various services from your domain reseller to cloak your information.
  • I’d love to show readers the emails coming from Mr. Campbell but I guess I’ll have to save them for this pending lawsuit he keeps talking about.
  • Why does defending your copyright and intellectual property make you a “cyberbully?” Hmmmm. Well if that is what it takes then I guess I am a cyberbully. Rrrrowwwwrrrr!

For the members of GeneaBloggers, you must decide on your how to proceed if anyone is using your content against your wishes. ¬†Just because you create an RSS feed, doesn’t mean you give permission to have your content used counter to the terms and services on your blog (you do have one, right)? How would you feel if your blog posts appeared on a blog selling skimpy underwear or other items? Again, intellectual property created by you is yours.

Use a copyright statement, get a Creative Commons license, create a Terms of Service for your blog . . . and defend your right to your own creative work.

©2011, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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