New Genealogy Blogs September 29, 2012

new genealogy blogs

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Here are this week’s new listings:

Ahnentafels are Fun
http://ahnentafelsarefun.blogspot.comBlog type: Individual family history

This blog is a breakdown of my ahnentafels.

Family History Research UK
Blog type: Professional genealogist blog, UK genealogy

Blogging about my adventures as a professional genealogist in the UK.

Jax Trax
Blog type: Australian genealogy, Individual family history

Started as a travel blog (to some family history sites) to get me in the habit of writing regularly. Now it is a blog to share the stories and photos of my ancestors mainly with my family but it seems that others are finding it interesting too. I still have a lot to learn but now with Geniaus aka Jill Ball as a member of our society, I hope to continue to upgrade my blog.

Marti’s Genealogy Adventures
Blog type: Individual family history

The lives of my people from Haselünne, Dinklage, Meppen, Ahaus, Billerbeck, Darmstadt, Klüsserath, Sommerkahl, Cincinnati, Covington, etc., and my obsession with finding out everything I can about them.

I started writing it last year when so that I could keep my family updated during my trip to Haselünne, Germany (and a couple of other towns), where some of our people came from.  A couple of months ago, I started writing again.  I write about my wonderful ancestors and give some tips on finding information.  I mainly focus on my German Catholic ancestors who immigrated to Cincinnati and/or Covington.

My Past Whispers
Blog type: Individual family history, New Zealand genealogy

This blog is a narrative following my journey into the past through discoveries about my ancestors.

I have discovered many branches of my tree go back to the very beginnings of European settlement in New Zealand and through learning about my forebears I have discovered a new interest in New Zealand history.

Of course like most European New Zealanders my most historic roots are from England, Scotland and Ireland and I hope to learn more about the lives of my ancestors there too.

In the process I hope to find some relatives I never knew about.

One Moment in Time
Blog type: Individual family history, Photography blog

In the last few months I have stumbled across so many photos of family members and ancestors and so I have made this blog to share them. Enjoy! If you recognize any of the ‘unknown’ photos please send me a message to!

Route Home:  One Woman Ties Ancestral Ireland to Minnesota Colony
Blog type: Individual family history, Minnesota genealogy

Jannet Walsh is an international multi-talented and creative professional that has worked in public relations, social media and media relations.  She was a staff photographer for The New York Times Company at a regional newspaper in Ocala, Florida,  a featured CNN iReporter and a Catholic press correspondent for The Florida Catholic.  Her videos have aired on CNN, CNN iReport, HLN, as well as a guest on the HLN Clark Howard Show and HLN live.  She owned and operated her own photo agency based in Sittard, the Netherlands, as a freelance photographer for Limburgs Dagblad, Herleen, the Netherlands, a daily Dutch language newspaper.

In  2011, Walsh uncovered missing links to her Irish history, and travelled to rural Ireland near Killarney, in County Kerry to be the first known member of her family to complete the trip to her Irish roots in Townland Knockanarroor, pronounced knock-on-a-roar, with her videos and story featured on CNN.  After the 1940 US Census Records were released in April 2012,  she jumped on the chance to explore records of her family, and was featured in a story on CNN Living.

Walsh was featured in 2012 on Minnesota Public Radio, MPR, as part of the Minnesota Brain Gain story after returning to live in the house her family has called home since 1922.  Her family was originally part of a Catholic colony started by the late Archbishop John Ireland, responsible for bringing many poor Irish Catholic to rural Minnesota in the late 1800s.

In 1983 she started her American story in an American Studies course at St. Cloud State University as an undergraduate student. She revealed part of her colony story in 2012 on HLN in a video featured on the Morning Express Show, part of a series called I am America.

After 25 years working in the media, discovering family photos, documents, artifacts, and oral history, Walsh is prepared to share the ultimate story of her career with her inherited Irish wit, curiosity and tenacity!

Blog type: Surname blog

Follow me in fun and frustration as I embark on my One Name Study of the SCRACE surname.

Teiger Family History
Blog type: Individual family history

This blog aims to keep family around the world updated on recent new discoveries in the history of the Teiger/Tygier family. It will also bring to life and tell the story of family members along the way. Where will it take us……who knows!

You know how there are some family stories that get passed down through the generations and they may get a bit exaggerated here and there? Well this line of family research was started based on one such story – “Did our ancestor really walk her children all the way across Europe, from Lodz in Poland, to the UK just to escape the Russians?”

Whilst the actual “walking” element of this story has yet to be proved, the rest seems to be ringing true.

Follow this blog, along with our family members all round the world, to find out what we discover next.

The Heritage Huntress
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been an amateur genealogist since the late 1980s, my interest beginning when my age was still written with a single digit. It was the stories that drew me in, although I also recognize the importance of names and dates. Most of my family research is focused on the U.S., England, and Luxembourg. This blog is intended to share facts and stories about my family, my experiences in researching them, and sometimes items unrelated to my own family but perhaps related to yours.

The Root Digger
Blog type: African-American genealogy, Individual family history

Yvette Porter Moore is a native Californian and has lived in San Diego for 41 years. She is a proud parent of 3 adult children and one teenager, and can also call herself a grandmother with three grandchildren, who all reside in Arizona.

Yvette has degrees in Cross-Cultural Studies & Human Development, and most recently earned a certificate in genealogy research from Boston University Online.  Yvette, also known as the “Root Digger”, founded Root Digger Genealogy Research Services in July of 2012.

Yvette has also successfully campaigned to have an Elementary School in San Diego to be named after her late-father, Dr. Walter J. Porter, and during the process formed The Walter J. Porter Educational & Community Foundation to support extracurricular activities at the school.

Yvette’s current interests are African American History with emphasis in Genealogy. Yvette was adopted at 4 months old and she has successfully reunited with her biological mother and her Father’s family, over 21 years ago. Yvette is currently tracing her birth family’s heritage and researching the ancestry of her parents that raised her.

With Yvette’s background in genealogy, Yvette has traveled to Sugarhill Harlem, NY; Worcester, Massachusetts, Washington D.C., and Orlando Florida to research various historical archives, on the ancestry of her mother’s family, The Cully’s.

Yvette Porter Moore is currently writing a children’s book about her father, Dr. Walter J. Porter so that the children at the elementary school know about the man that the school was named after.  Yvette is also researching and writing three other books: “A Taste of Sugar Hill” a memoir of her mother’s life in Harlem in the 1940′s-1950′s; Embrace Identity: A personal memoir of her adoption and reunion with her birth family; and lastly, “The Cully’s-An African American Legacy: An ancestral story of her Great-Grandfather’s migration from North Carolina to Worcester, Mass. during Reconstruction in hopes of securing greater opportunities and equality.”

Yvette has been a member of various civic and non-profit organizations over the years, but as she likes to say that she is on Sabbatical, she has condensed her list to two organizations, “The San Diego African American Genealogical Research Group” of which she is the Membership Chair & The Walter J. Porter Educational & Community Foundation as President/CEO.

The Stephen Sherwood Letters
Blog type: Individual family history

I have been involved in Family History for over forty years, and, retired three years ago to work on it full time. I feel the need to make my research available, and for that purpose started this blog and am working on another one. We all have family history that can help somebody else.

In this blog I will also include information to help others in finding their own family history.

I am writing a family history mystery that will also help people to do their own research. It is somewhat of a how to book without sounding like an instruction manual. I not only want to share what I found but HOW I found it to help others in doing family history.

Today in MacAlister History
Blog type: Scottish genealogy, Surname blog

My name is Lynn McAlister. I am historian for both of the North American Macalister clan associations. I have a degree in Scottish history (honours subject: emigration) and have been researching and compiling Macalister history for more than a decade; recently I began running a One-Name Study of Macalisters as well.

My blog, Today in Macalister History is about a year old. It is more family history than genealogy per se, so I don’t know if it would be appropriate for your site. I would appreciate it if you would give it a look, though, and if you think it fits, consider including it in your list. My focus is Macalisters worldwide (any spelling) and the history that is common to us all – it is not about any particular family or line.

We Came From
Blog type: Individual family history, UK genealogy

I love researching family history and after 10 years have over 4,000 people in my family tree and have traced many branches of my family back many generations but have now got to a point where I am feeling downright frustrated with the whole thing.

There are certainly a good few missing people, riddles and family myths that I would still love to get to the bottom of, but I suspect I never will because there are very few written records available about the personal lives of my family who were – apart from a very dubious connection to John of Gaunt in the very distant past –  all small scale farmers and craftsmen or more recently thoroughly working class.

I really don’t want to spend any more time adding to my tree the names of people I know nothing about and so this blog is intended as a place for gathering information about all the places in which my family worked, worshipped, studied, shopped, drank(!) and generally lived their lives in the hope that this will bring their stories to life.  In doing this, I also want to provide hints and tips to other family historians who would like to do the same.

If you’re doing something similar or would like to, please do get in touch and share your insights, ideas and questions – guest bloggers very welcome.

© 2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee

Genealogy Blogging Beat – Saturday, September 29, 2012

genealogy blogging beat

Today is Saturday, September 29, 2012 and here is what’s available in terms of Daily Blogging Prompts and other related events in the genealogy blogosphere:

Items of Note

  • Today is Confucius Day and VFW Day (US).

Daily Blogging Prompts

Shopping Saturday – many families – especially busy working families – would perform their weekly shopping on Saturdays. Tell us about the various stores and vendors that your ancestors used to patronize. Or perhaps your ancestors had their own store? And don’t forget to also document your own memories of stores and shopping. This prompt has been suggested by Audrey Collins of The Family Recorder.

Society Saturday – Are you involved with a genealogical or historical society? Do you want to showcase their good works, projects and events? Society Saturday is a way to do that at your own genealogy blog. This prompt has been suggested by Dana of the Just Folks blog.

Sorting Saturday – Any tips on how to go about sorting through a closet or box of stuff, what to do with what you find, organizing, supplies and tools you might need, etc. What about having to clean out a parent’s home once they’ve passed? This is an ongoing series by Michelle Goodrum at Turning of Generations.

Sports Center Saturday – do you have photos and stories about ancestors and their love of sports? Be it basketball or water polo or skeet shooting, tell their stories in your blog posts! Sports Center Saturday is a series suggested by Susan Petersen of Long Lost Relatives.

Surname Saturday – create a post in which you discuss a surname and mention its origins, its geographical location(s) and how it fits into your genealogy research. Surname Saturday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

Sympathy Saturday – While Funeral Card Friday and Sunday’s Obituary revolve around a clipping related to the death of an ancestor or relative, with Sympathy Saturday you can post about any aspect of the passing of a person. This is an ongoing series by Anne Kruszka at GeneNotes and Generational.

To ensure that your blog post is included in the “roll-up” widgets above, include the name of the blogging theme in your post title. Examples: Black Sheep Sunday – Carmen Dioxide; Tombstone Tuesday – Carrie Oakey.

* * *

If you would like your event or Daily Blogging Prompt included, please contact Geneabloggers at geneabloggers [at] gmail [dot] com.

Editorial Calendar for Genealogy Blogs – Q4 2012

genealogy blog editorial calendar

The Q4 2012 edition of the Genealogy Blog Editorial Calendar is now available! This covers the period of the week starting Sunday, September 30, 2012 through Saturday, December 29, 2012.

Download in PDF format here or use the published form here and you’ll be on your way to planning out your genealogy blog posts for the week or month!

Included on the calendar:

  • Major holidays and observations for the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia as well as other countries.
  • Quirky events such as Be Bald and Be Free Day, CAPS LOCK Day, Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day and MORE!
  • Religious holidays and observations.

The goal of this editorial calendar, to be released on a quarterly basis, is to not only provide inspiration for your blog prompts but also to help you plan and pre-post at your genealogy blog.

Your feedback is welcome and your input will help develop a useful tool for the genealogy blogging community.

©2012, copyright Thomas MacEntee