GeneaBloggers Radio – Friday Night, September 2, 2011

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Join us for another episode of GeneaBloggers Radio on Friday, September 2, 2011 starting at 10pm EDT, 9pm CDT, 8pm MDT, and 7pm PDT with host Thomas MacEntee. This week’s show is entitled The Way We Worked – Genealogy and Labor.

The Way We Worked – Genealogy and Labor

We’ll be discussing educational programs for genealogists and family historians. Our special guests will include: Ginger Frere of the Newberry Library in Chicago discussing her presentation Cobbler, Tailor, Trunkmaker: How My Grandpappies Made a Living; genealogist Tim Pinnick will help us understand how to research our coal miner ancestors; and Beverly Rice, CG℠ will lead a fascinating discussion of the volunteer aspect of the labor force and its paper trail..

How To Listen To GeneaBloggers Radio

GeneaBloggers Blog Talk Radio

So here is how it all works:

  1. Visit the GeneaBloggers page at Blog Talk Radio.
  2. Click on the Upcoming Episode entitled “The Way We Worked – Genealogy and Labor.”
  3. Then you can sign up for updates and reminders.
  4. At 9:00 pm CST on Friday, September 2, 2011, listen in at the Blog Talk Radio website. The player should start automatically – you will need to turn on your computer speakers or use your headphones.
  5. If you want to call in to the show and share your thoughts and comments with the host or guests, the dial-in number is +1 (213) 286-6709. You can also use your Skype account to call in – click here for instructions.
  6. There will also be a chat room on that same page where you can type and interact with other listeners. [Note: you must login with Facebook or have an account at Blog Talk Radio and sign in to access the chat room!] I often take cues and suggestions from the chat room so don’t be shy!

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Don’t forget – GeneaBloggers Radio is about the most fun you can have with your genealogy on a Friday night!

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Genealogy Blogging Beat – Wednesday, August 31, 2011

genealogy blogging beat

Today is Wednesday, August 31, 2011 and here is what’s available in terms of Daily Blogging Prompts and other related events in the genealogy blogosphere:

Items of Note

Daily Blogging Prompts

Wedding Wednesday – a great way to display those old wedding photos or scan wedding invitations and announcements! Suggested by Carol of Reflections from the Fence and in use by several genealogy bloggers.

Wednesday’s Child – Post photos of gravestones of children. A sad topic indeed but posts can give life to the stories of these young souls. This has been an ongoing series by Amy at Gravestoned.

Wisdom Wednesday – an alternative to Wordless Wednesday for those who just can’t post without words! Create a post in which you share words of wisdom about any number of things including weddings, marriage, children, work, and so on.  A post  could include such things as favorite sayings of grannies, superstitions, that sort of thing.  Words of wisdom should have their origins in the past and have been passed on from generation to generation. Wisdom Wednesday is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers suggested by Jennifer Geraghty-Gorman of On a Flesh and Bone Foundation: An Irish History.

Wordless Wednesday – a great way to share your old family photos! Create a post with the main focus being a photograph or image. Some posters also include attribute information as to the source of the image (date, location, owner, etc.). Wordless Wednesday is one of the longest running “memes” in the blogosphere and is an ongoing series at GeneaBloggers.

Workday Wednesday – a way to document your ancestors’ occupations (they weren’t all farmers), transcripts of SS-5s, photos and stories of ancestors at work, announcements of retirements, etc. This prompt has been suggested by Denise Spurlock of the Denise’s Life in the Past Lane and Reflecting on Genealogy blogs.

To ensure that your blog post is included in the “roll-up” widgets above, include the name of the blogging theme in your post title. Examples: Black Sheep Sunday – Juan Nightstand; Tombstone Tuesday – Bessie Mae Mucho.

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If you would like your event or Daily Blogging Prompt included, please contact Geneabloggers at geneabloggers [at] gmail [dot] com.

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FGS 2011 – A Geneablogger’s Packing List


As over 50 members of GeneaBloggers prepare to descend on Springfield, IL next week for the FGS 2011 conference, ever wonder what they’re packing? The list of bloggers keeps growing day-by-day and some of them I’ve never met in person while others I know too well and I might just disavow even knowing them while in Springfield.

So what does a member of GeneaBloggers bring with him or her to what will likely be the second largest genealogy conference in 2011 and the second most connected/tech-oriented conference behind RootsTech? Here’s an idea:

  • Return address labels: a little known door prize trick of conference veterans. Bring your return address labels to affix to door prize entries at each booth.  Saves time spent filling out those pesky forms.  Or print up sheets of labels (include your phone number and email) on your home printer.
  • A GeneaBloggers button: if you’ve attended a conference in the past where there were organized GeneaBloggers events, you probably already have a GeneaBloggers button.  Please bring it if you can – I have a limited number of buttons that I hope to hand out to the “first timers.”
  • A sense of wonder and fun: even if you’ve been to many conferences, I don’t think there is a jaded blogger among us. Being the researchers that we are, there is always a sense of wonder at new products at the vendor booths, a sense of fun in being able to connect in person with a fellow blogger.
  • A reporter’s nose: your blog is a “channel” just like any other media. Your followers who can’t attend FGS 2011 are counting on you to report the latest news, the hot new genealogy product and more. Even letting them know about the speakers and sessions will help entice your readers to attend a genealogy conference on their own.
  • Business cards: get those cards ready to hand out to vendors and others. Tip: print your surnames on the reverse!
  • Your GeneaBloggers beads:   if you’ve received a set of the famed GeneaBloggers beads at past conferences (and yes, they are different at every conference), bring them along! A highly-decorated genealogist is a sight to see!

Finally, even if you can’t remember any or all of the items above, get ready to have a fun week, even if you aren’t attending FGS 2011.  Through the many members of GeneaBloggers in attendance, you’ll get a front row “virtual” seat to a great genealogy conference.

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Disclosure:  I serve as the National Publicity Chair for the FGS 2011 Conference. Please see Disclosure Statements for more information on my material connection with genealogy vendors and organizations.

Photo: Suitcases-1.jpg at WikiMedia Commons used via Creative Commons license.

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