Unique Family Journals – Genealogy Gift Ideas

sand dune publishing llc

Just in time for Father’s Day and the graduation gift season, I’ve received information from Sand Dune Publishing LLC about a series of journals entitled Between Me And You™ a few things I’ve been meaning to ask.

Termed “relationship keepsake journals,” each one is meant for a specific type of recipient such as a father, mother, even attendees at a family reunion.  I especially like the “between me and you Dad” journal – it would make a unique gift this Father’s Day.

The premise, as described on the Sand Dune Publishing Co. website:

“Give these keepsake journals to the people you care about most. Each hardcover, spiral-bound book measures 6 ½ ” x 7 ¼ ” and contains 35 – 45 fun-to-ask and fun-to-answer questions.  You get them back with handwritten responses you’ll cherish forever.”

Take a look around at the various journals and you’ll see what I mean.  Not only will you have a neat way to “prompt” family members to describe various aspects of their lives, but you’ll receive a keepsake in their own writing.  And, as genealogy bloggers, you could even make these into blog posts (with the person’s permission, of course!).

Right now there is a sale at Sand Dunes Publishing with 20% when you purchase 2 or more journals.  Use code MEMDAY10.

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Sentimental Sunday May 30, 2010

sentimental sunday

Don’t forget that today is Sentimental Sunday. If you have your own genealogy or family history related blog, you can participate in Sentimental Sunday. What is it?

Sentimental Sunday is a daily blogging theme used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites.

To participate in Sentimental Sunday, simply create a post in which you discuss a sentimental story or memory about an ancestor, or maybe even a family tradition that touches you.

A special thanks to Renate Sanders of Into the Light for suggesting Sentimental Sunday as a daily blogging theme!

Here are the latest Sentimental Sunday posts from our member genealogy bloggers:

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A Blogger’s Double Life

colleen mchugh

Did you know that eventually most genealogy bloggers will have more than one blog under their belts?  A blog about family, scrapbooking, or if you are lucky like blogging colleague Colleen McHugh, a blog about a cause very close to your heart.

I had the pleasure of meeting Colleen at the Family History Expo in Mesa, Arizona this past January.  Colleen is the author of Orations of OMcHodoy, a great genealogy blog.  Over the few days we were there I got to talk and find out that her true love was her profession as a social worker and helping children and people with special needs.

I’m happy to let folks know that Colleen recently picked up a new blog opportunity with Examiner.com: she is the Tucson Special Needs Kid’s Examiner and writes about issues involving children with special needs.  Please stop by and click on her articles and take a look.  And if you know someone who could use this useful information – and much of it will apply nationwide, not just to Tucson-area residents – please spread the word.

Colleen is one of several genealogy bloggers who also work for Examiner.com including Robin Mason (Boston Genealogy Examiner) and Michael Hait (African American Genealogy Examiner and Baltimore Genealogy & History Examiner).  In fact I’ve written for Examiner.com as the Genealogy and Technology Examiner although not recently.

I know Colleen will do well with this new venture – stop by and offer her your congratulations.  And, if you are interested in working for Examiner.com and want to know more about their pay rate, etc. please contact me or any of the other authors above.  We do make a little “pin money” for each referral and that helps!

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