May I Introduce To You . . . Al Wierzba


May I introduce you to….Al Wierzba of Al’s Polish-American Genealogy Research Blog.

Al’s blog is a journey through his Polish genealogy. Al’s Polish-American Genealogy Research Blog is where not only Al’s research is posted but also where he attempts to connect with others also researching the same surnames and areas of America, Poland, and other countries. Along the way, Al adds information and materials that may be helpful to others researching their Polish ancestry and heritage.

“Al” is a nickname used out of  respect to his late grandfather Alojzy (Aloysius) Tobiasz. His given name is Brian Allen Wierzba. While he was growing up, his grandfather Al Tobiasz was his buddy, friend, and a man to whom he looked up.  It makes sense to me that he prefers to use the nickname “Al.”

I asked Al, “What does your family think of your blog?”  His answer is similar to that of  most genealogy bloggers: they treat his blog “with a passing interest, sometimes they seem very interested in my research and other times they don’t pay much attention.”   Al’s family and friends don’t really follow his blog regularly, but he will tell them when a “big research find” has been posted!

To keep track of the rest of the genealogy bloggers, Al is a big fan of Google Reader which he uses each day to track his favorite family history blogs – that number is currently at 126 genealogy blogs.  Al also likes to read other types of blogs as well, including sports, history, news, and politics.

I asked Al what his biggest fear was in starting a blog, and he said that he kept thinking that no one would really want to read what he was writing.  I think many of us can relate to this hesitancy (I know I can).  That fear almost stopped him before he even got started.

I am so glad that he didn’t allow his fear to keep him from creating Al’s Polish-American Genealogy Research Blog.  I don’t have Polish ancestors (as far as I know), yet I find his blog interesting and informative.  His blog is a wonderful resource for those who do have Polish/American ancestry.

I look forward to reading Al’s blog with each new post.  Thank you, Al, for keeping us up-to-date on your Polish ancestry and for being part of the GeneaBloggers family!

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