A Genealogy Blog Primer

or “Everything You Wanted To Know About Genealogy Blogs But Were Afraid To Ask!”*

This introduction to the world of genealogy blogs – as seen by GeneaBloggers– has been a long time in the making.  While genealogy blogs have been around for years, it is only within the past few years that bloggers have begun to become aware of their fellow genealogy bloggers (“geneabloggers”) and have interacted within each other.

This primer seeks to highlight questions most often asked by those who might want to start their own genealogy blog and hopefully provide some answers or at least a means of further researching those questions.

* This primer is available in PDF form and as a slide presentation for genealogical societies and other genealogy-related groups.  Contact GeneaBloggers for more information.

Good News About Cow Hampshire


While many geneabloggers were giving out Puckerbrush Blog Awards for Excellence over the past few weeks, those of us who remember the Cow Hampshire blog were bemoaning its sudden disappearance.  Many of us remember Janice Brown’s sense of humor and the great posts at her site.

Well I sort of had a “I coulda had a V-8” slap the forehead kind of moment this evening.  To the consternation of those around me I yelled “the wayback machine” and no I was not channeling a character from Back To The Future.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine lets you blog in a web address and look at the archived pages of that website.  So I took “http://cowhampshire.blogharbor.com/blog” and entered it into the field, pressed Take Me Back and viola! Looky what I found:

July 03, 2007


An replica of Janice’s blog as it was archived and appeared on July 3, 2007!

Genealogists should also keep the Internet Archive Wayback Machine in mind for tracking down those sites that may have disappeared or that may have changed substantially.  I find it can be hit or miss but this “Internet time machine” has provided some valuable information for me!

When Was Your Last Blog Post?

I ask this because GeneaBloggers will be out in full force at the Southern California Genealogical Society’s Jamboree this coming weekend (June 26 – June 28, 2009) in Burbank, California and I will be marketing our blog list like crazy!

Not only will I and more than 30 other geneabloggers be in attendance, in the exhibit hall there will be a Tech Zone where attendees can walk up and use computers equipped with free access to on-line genealogical sites and more.  Also, there will be free wifi at Jamboree so those with laptops and netbooks may want to check out various genealogy blogs.

If you have a genealogy blog listed in the blog roll to the left, I strongly recommend you do the following before this Friday, 26 June 2009:

– if you haven’t posted in quite some time, create a post or two about your family history or current projects
– consider creating an introductory post about yourself and why you decided to create a genealogy blog
– think about a permanent welcome post (either specifically for Jamboree attendees or in general for all new readers) at the top of your blog*

* For Blogger users, the best way to create a permanent post is to a) first create a post in the normal fashion then b) go back and in Edit mode “pre-date” the post using the Post Options link and setting the date to July 1 or some date in the future.  For WordPress users, in the Publish section select Edit in the Visibility section and click “Stick this post to the front page.”