Norwegian Genealogy Blogs

Did you know we have at least four blogs at Geneabloggers that are either run by Norwgian authors or deal with Noregian genealogy?  You can find a listing here at gene@pedia.

In addition, Liv Marit who runs the Genit blog has a great post today entitled How to trace your ancestors in Norway? Check it out if you have ancestors who originated in Norway since Liv has listed some great resources.

I’ve just completed the Canadian blogs section of gene@pedia and I am working on other areas as well.  If you’d like to lend a hand, please let me know!

Linda Stienstra – A Geneablogger In The News

Congratulations to Linda Stienstra of From Axer to Ziegler as well as Lancaster Pennsylvania’s Graveyard Rabbit for her recent video interview at WGAL news about different types of vacations.

Click the link below to see the entire clip as Linda gives a graveyard tour and talks about tombstone vacations!

Blogging Tip: Genealogy Memes

Just a quick note about several of the memes in which most geneabloggers participate.  It helps if you place the name of the meme in your post title.  Example:

Tombstone Tuesday – Headstone of . . . .

Wordless Wednesday – My Grandmother . . .

Madness Monday – An Ancestor Who Drives Me Crazy

In order for the post aggregators in the sidebar to work, the name of the meme should be somewhere in the post title.  This way the post gets tagged and will show up properly.