A New Beginning

Welcome to Geneabloggers, a resource site for genealogists and family historians who blog about their research.

As the About page states:

“Geneabloggers is a group of genealogists and family historians committed to augmenting their “passion” by blogging about their research.   What began as a Facebook group in July 2008, has quickly grown to over 300 members.

Geneabloggers offers a wide variety of activities for those who currently run geneablogs or who are interested in learning how to incorporate blogging into their genealogy projects.”

Geneabloggers.com is not meant to substitute for all the fun and activities going on at the Facebook group.  It is meant to coordinate various sites such as Facebook Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers and other resources used by geneabloggers.  Also, this site will document the process of forming a more formal organization during the Spring of 2009.

Stay tuned for more information!

*Our lovely graphic was designed by . . . who else . . . the amazing footnote Maven!