The Week In Facebook

This is a weekly feature which will document some of the genea-blogger happenings as they relate to Facebook®.

– This weekly post will now appear here at  Geneabloggers instead of my Destination: Austin Family blog.  This leaves me free to concentrate more on my research and my surnames over at DAF and I think the weekly Facebook post fits more with the Geneabloggers site’s goals and vision.

– We’ seen an increase of 12 members this week to bring us to 330 as of today. Check out Genea-Bloggers group listing on Facebook. If you know anyone who blogs about their genealogy or family history and you think they might benefit from membership in Geneabloggers please let me know and send me their email info!

– As mentioned all over the genealogy blogosphere as well as right here at Geneabloggers, it is like that we will see a great deal of interest in Geneabloggers with the debut of the series “Who Do You Think You Are” on  April 20, 2009.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be soliciting input and ideas from readers for ways in which we can make our Facebook group more inviting and welcoming to potential new members.

– The feature This Week’s New Geneablogs has also moved over here from DAF and appears each Saturday.  Check out the new sites and welcome the new bloggers since many if not all are now members of Geneablggers.

– Upcoming carnivals includes: Carnival of Genealogy on Sunday, February 1st (the theme is Genealogy Happy Dance) and Data Backup Day also on Sunday, February 1st.

– Don’t forget Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt #4: Genealogy Road Trip! “Take a genealogy day trip and blog about it. Discover the local history and genealogy in your area. Take a trip to a cemetery or other historic location. Describe the day, what you learned, where you went, how it looked, how it sounded. Armchair genealogists will love the mini travelogue.”

Again, if anyone has a question as to how to use Facebook, I’d be happy to help. You can always email me directly but if you post your question as a Discussion Topic at the Genea-Bloggers group, you might find that other members also have the same questions.

What Impact Will WDYTYA Have On Your Blog?

If you haven’t already heard – it is the worst kept secret on the geneablogosphere today – NBC is launching a new series entitled “Who Do You Think You Are” with episodes about the ancestry of specific celebrity participants.  And as Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings mentions today, we all should be ready for an uptick in interest in the field of genealogy.

While Randy’s post focused more on genealogy societies and researchers, what impact will it have on geneabloggers?  It only seems natural that after the first episode of WDYTYA ends on April 20, viewers may walk over to their computers and begin looking into their own family roots.

Are you as a geneablogger ready for, hopefully, an uptick in readers and new followers? Are virtual organizations such as Association of Graveyard Rabbits or Geneabloggers ready for new members?  Are carnivals such as the Carnival of Genealogy ready for more entries?

What plans to do you have to handle more visitors, more followers or more participation?  Will you actively market to these potential new genealogists or wait for them to find your blog?

Geneabloggers would love to hear your ideas in the Comments section.  And while I don’t expect WDYTYA to have the same impact as the debut of Roots did over  30 years ago, who knows what will happen with the debut of WDYTYA on April 20?

Geneabloggers In The News

Well it hasn’t taken long for Geneabloggers to get noticed!  Last week I was interviewed by Rita Marshall, a Canadian journalist who writes for several weekly newspapers.   The articles – Blogging on a Genealogy Website and How to Make a Genealogy Blog – give a good overview of what geneablogging is all about.

Currently the articles are posted on the Suite site which touts itself as “The world’s most comprehensive independent online magazine: written and edited by professionals, trusted by over twelve million monthly readers.”