Genealogy Blogging Beat – Friday, 24 October 2014

Oct 24, 1830. Belva Lockwood, an educator, lawyer and advocate for women’s rights, was born at Royalton, NY. In 1879 she was admitted to practice before the US Supreme Court— the first woman to do so. While practicing law at Washington, DC, she secured equal property rights for women. By adding amendments to statehood bills, Lockwood helped to provide voting rights for women in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona. In 1884 she was the first woman formally nominated for the US presidency. Died May 19, 1917, at Washington, DC.
Today is Friday, 24 October 2014, and here is what’s available in terms of events in the genealogy blogosphere:

Items of Note

  • Today: First Barrel Jump Over Niagara Falls – Anniversary, Food Day, Belva Lockwood’s Birthday – Anniversary and United Nations Day.

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Genealogy Blogging Beat – Thursday, 23 October 2014

Oct 23, 1752. Also known as “Canning Day,” this is the anniversary of the birth of French chef, chemist, confectioner, inventor and author Nicolas Appert, at Chalons-sur-Marne, France. Appert, who also invented the bouillon tablet, is best remembered for devising a system of heating foods and sealing them in airtight containers. Known as “the father of canning,” Appert won a prize of 12,000 francs from the French government in 1809 and the title “Benefactor of Humanity” in 1812, for his inventions, which revolutionized our previously seasonal diet. Appert died at Massy, France, June 3, 1841.
Today is Thursday, 23 October 2014, and here is what’s available in terms of Daily Blogging Prompts and other related events in the genealogy blogosphere:

Items of Note

  • Today: Canning Day, Johnny Carson’s Birthday – Anniversary, 1956 Hungary Revolution – Anniversary, iPod Unveiled – Anniversary, and National Mole Day.

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Finding Your Roots – Season 2 – Episode 5 – Now Available for Online Viewing

finding your roots

In the new season of Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. on PBS, this week’s episode featured celebrity chefs Tom Colicchio, Aarón Sánchez and Ming Tsai. The episode is entitled The Melting Pot and can now be viewed online – click here to access the video.

Schedule of Remaining Episodes

The sixth episode of Season 2, entitled We Come From People, is scheduled for next Tuesday evening, 28 October 2014, and features Angela Bassett, Valerie Jarrett and Nas. Check the listings for your local PBS station – most stations will air the episode at 8:00 pm.

Here is the remaining schedule for Season 2:

28 October 2014
We Come From People
Angela Bassett, Valerie Jarrett and Nas

4 November 2014
Our People, Our Traditions
Alan Dershowitz, Carole King and Tony Kushner

11 November 2014
The British Are Coming
Deepak Chopra, Sally Field and Sting

18 November 2014
Ancient Roots
Tina Fey, George Stephanopoulos and David Sedaris

25 November 2014
Decoding our Past Through DNA
Jessica Alba, Anderson Cooper, Valerie Jarrett, Governor Deval Patrick, and more

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