FGS 2015: Connect. Explore. Refresh. And Relax?

FGS Ambassador Thomas MacEntee offers his insights on getting the most out of the upcoming FGS 2015/RootsTech conferences.

I’m happy to be one of the FGS 2015 Ambassadors for the upcoming Federation of Genealogical Societies conference in Salt Lake City this February. As I catch up on everything planned for the conference, I keep seeing this great tagline: Connect. Explore. Refresh.

What I don’t see is the word relax and there’s a reason for that . . . there’s so much to do and so many people to talk to! Seriously, have you ever been to a FGS conference before? Here are my insights for those of you who have never been to a national genealogy conference:

  • Don’t overplan. Make sure you leave yourself time at least once a day to skip a lecture session. You’d be amazed at how just sitting and talking with other FGS 2015 attendees can energize you. What I love most about genealogy conferences is the ability to sit and chat with other genealogists. Discuss areas of research. Discuss what genealogy societies they belong to and what makes their society special. Exchange ideas on projects, research and more.
  • Don’t overpack. Leave room for shopping at the Expo Hall which will absolutely ROCK this year!
  • Operate in “Intake Mode.” This means taking it all in and capturing what’s important. Collect business cards. Use today’s technology to take notes using Evernote’s voice recorder or another voice recorder. Or keep a small notebook with you to take notes. When you return home you’ll have lots of ideas for projects and for your research.
  • Join in the fun. Sign up for the many social functions and activities including the luncheons. Click here to view the entire list and purchase your tickets during registration – many of these events sell out fast!
  • You can relax actually. Many of the great hotels near the Salt Palace Convention Center have their own swimming pools and spas. Also there are great places to dine and shop, especially at City Creek Center. Do some sightseeing and tour Temple Square. Add a few extra days to your trip and pamper yourself.
  • And don’t forget the research! Many FGS 2015 attendees will be adding extra days before and after the conference to do research at the Family History Library. Remember to check the hours and days of operation when making your plans.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry and register NOW before the holiday season starts. Better yet, drop a hint to your family about the FGS 2015 conference and how it would make a great Christmas gift. And then book your hotel, your travel and get ready to connect, explore and refresh!

* * *

Planning on attending RootsTech at the same time? You can always purchase the RootsTech Add-on Pass for only $39 when you register for FGS 2015. That way you are guaranteed to have a jam-packed genealogy conference experience and get the most out of this great opportunity!

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Genealogy Blogging Events – Week of 31 October – 7 November 2014

Get the latest news on genealogy blogging events for the week of 31 October - 7 November 2014, right here at GeneaBloggers.
Here is a list of events and goings-on in the world of genealogy blogging. Here’s what is happening in the coming week:

Daze of the Week!

Here are some upcoming dates to look out for so you can plan your genealogy and family history blog posts for next week:

  • 31 October: Car Talk Radio Show Premiere – Anniversary, Frankenstein Friday, Halloween, Mount Rushmore Completed – Anniversary, and Admission Day – Nevada.
  • 1 November: Data Backup Day, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead/Dia De Los Muertos – Mexico, Ebony Magazine – Anniversary, European Union established – Anniversary, National Adoption Month, National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, National Author’s Day, National Memoir Writing Month, National Novel Writing Month, and Sadie Hawkins Day.
  • 2 November: Admission Day – North Dakota, Admission Day – South Dakota, Daylight Savings Time Ends – US, First Scheduled Radio Broadcast – Anniversary, New York Subway Accident – Anniversary, and Plan Your Epitaph Day.
  • 3 November: Cliché Day, Election Day – US, Public Television Debuts – 45th Anniversary, SOS Adopted – Anniversary, and Sandwich Day.
  • 4 November: Walter Cronkite’s Birthday – Anniversary, King Tut’s Tomb Discovered – Anniversary, Mischief Night – Australia, New Zealand and UK, US Embassy in Tehran Seized – Anniversary, and Use Your Common Sense Day.
  • 5 November: Guy Fawkes Day, Vivien Leigh’s Birthday – Anniversary, and Roy Rogers’ Birthday – Anniversary.
  • 6 November: Beaver Moon – Full Moon, “Good Morning America” television debut – Anniversary, “Meet The Press” television debut – Anniversary, National Men Make Dinner Day, Saxophone Day, and John Philip Sousa’s Birthday – Anniversary.
  • 7 November: Battle of Tippecanoe – Anniversary, Marie Curie’s Birthday – Anniversary, and Great October Socialist Revolution – Anniversary.

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Genealogy Blogging Beat – Friday, 31 October 2014

Oct 31, 1941. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial was completed after 14 years of work. First suggested by Jonah Robinson of the South Dakota State Historical Society, the memorial was dedicated in 1925, and work began in 1927. The memorial contains sculptures of the heads of four US presidents— George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. The 60-foot-tall sculptures represent, respectively, the nation’s founding, political philosophy, preservation and expansion and conservation.
Today is Friday, 31 October 2014, and here is what’s available in terms of events in the genealogy blogosphere:

Items of Note

  • Today: Car Talk Radio Show Premiere – Anniversary, Frankenstein Friday, Halloween, Mount Rushmore Completed – Anniversary, and Admission Day – Nevada.

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