New Genealogy Blogs 22 November 2014

1 newly-discovered genealogy blog the week ending 22 November 2014 at GeneaBloggers covering all types of genealogy!

There is one newly-discovered genealogy and family-history related blog that we’ve located this week. Remember to try and help out these new blogs by:

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Genealogy Blogging Beat – Saturday, 22 November 2014

Nov 22, 1963. President John F. Kennedy was slain by a sniper while riding in an open automobile at Dallas, TX. Accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby while in police custody awaiting trial.
Today is Saturday, 22 November 2014 and here is what’s available in terms of Daily Blogging Prompts and other related events in the genealogy blogosphere:

Items of Note

  • Today: Assassination of John F. Kennedy – Anniversary and Origin of the Species Published – Anniversary.
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Genealogy Blogging Events – Week of 21-28 November 2014

Get the latest news on genealogy blogging events for the week of 21-28 November 2014, right here at GeneaBloggers.
Here is a list of events and goings-on in the world of genealogy blogging. Here’s what is happening in the coming week:

Daze of the Week!

Here are some upcoming dates to look out for so you can plan your genealogy and family history blog posts for next week:

  • 21 November: Who Shot J.R. – Anniversary and World Hello Day.
  • 22 November: Assassination of John F. Kennedy – Anniversary and Origin of the Species Published – Anniversary.
  • 23 November: Doctor Who Television Premiere – Anniversary, Life Magazine Debuts – Anniversary, National Family Week Begins, and National Game and Puzzle Week Begins.
  • 24 November: Battle of Chatanooga – Anniversary and Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec Birthday – 150th Anniversary.
  • 25 November: Joe DiMaggio’s Birthday – 100th Anniversary, National Speed Limit Reduction – Anniversary, and Feast of St. Catherine.
  • 26 November: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Published – Anniversary, First US Holiday Proclamation – 225th Anniversary, and Charles Schultz’s Birthday – Anniversary.
  • 27 November: Jimi Hendrix’s Birthday – Anniversary and Thanksgiving Day.
  • 28 November: Black Friday, Buy Nothing Day, National Day of Listening, and Sinkie Day.

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