Genealogy Blogging Events – Week of 17-24 April 2015

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Here is a list of events and goings-on in the world of genealogy blogging. Here’s what is happening in the coming week:

Daze of the Week!

Here are some upcoming dates to look out for so you can plan your genealogy and family history blog posts for next week:

  • 17 April: Bay of Pigs Invasion – Anniversary, Ellis Island Family History Day, and National Haiku Poetry Day.
  • 18 April: Husband Appreciation Day, Record Store Day, Paul Revere’s Ride – Anniversary, San Francisco 1906 Earthquake – Anniversary, and Third World Day – 60th Anniversary.
  • 19 April: Battle of Lexington and Concord – Anniversary, National Hanging Out Day, Oklahoma City Bombing – 20th Anniversary, and Warsaw Ghetto Uprising – Anniversary.
  • 20 April: Boston Marathon – 119th Running, Columbine High School Killings – Anniversary, Adolf Hitler’s Birthday – Anniversary, and Patriot’s Day (Massachusetts, Maine).
  • 21 April: Kindergarten Day and Lincoln Funeral Train – 150th Anniversary.
  • 22 April: Administrative Professionals Day, Earth Day – 45th Anniversary, National Jelly Bean Day, and Oklahoma Land Rush – Anniversary.
  • 23 April: First Movie Theater Opens – Anniversary, First Public School in America – Anniversary, William Shakespeare’s Birthday – Anniversary, Feast of Saint George, and World Book and Copyright Day.
  • 24 April: Armenian Genocide Begins – 100th Anniversary, Easter Rising (Ireland) – Anniversary, Library of Congress Founded – Anniversary, and National Arbor Day.

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Genealogy Bargains for Friday 17 April 2015

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UPDATED GENEALOGY BARGAINS for Friday, April 17, 2015

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Ongoing Deals

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  • 24% Off Evidence Explained – 2nd Edition – hard cover version, normally $59.95, now $45.74 – and free shipping with Amazon Prime! This is your “go to” guide for citing sources from a genealogical research perspective. Many times it is out-of-stock at Amazon, so make sure you snag this deal right away!

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Genealogy Do-Over – Week 3, Cycle 2: 17-23 April 2015

National Archives UK researcher

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Previous topics in the Genealogy Do-Over:


Topics: 1) Tracking Research and 2) Conducting Research

With the third week of the Genealogy Do-Over, this is where, as genealogists, we “come home” to our favorite place: research. We get to actually take the information from our self interviews and family group sheets and use it to find evidence to prove or disprove relationships and what I call “data points.”

Do you remember returning home for the first time after a long absence, such as your first semester of college or on your first military leave? Things changed, didn’t they? Maybe your mother converted your room in to a sewing room or your father claimed it as his den or “man cave?” I hate to tell you this . . . but with the Genealogy Do-Over, coming back to research will never be the same. Now you’ll be asked to set up a To Do List (your research goals), track your research, and more. There will be data to enter, items to transcribe and eventually, thinking and analysis required!

This is how genealogy success is made. Most of you are part of the Genealogy Do-Over to change old research habits and to improve skills. What was is gone; long live the new research methods. And long live success.

Besides, haven’t you heard that you can never go home again?

* * *

Tracking Research

One of the main issues I’ve had with my OLD genealogy research method: I would not track data when I found it. I would simply enter it in my database, perhaps mark it as UNSOURCED and then tell myself I’d clean it up later.

NO MORE! With the Genealogy Do-Over, the goal is to track your goals, what you want to prove and then – after collecting as much related evidence as possible – evaluate that evidence and prove a fact. Once proven, then it is entered into a genealogy database software program or an online tree. Solid information with solid source citations make for solid trees that don’t fall over.

Genealogy Research Log

I have a genealogy research log that I use and that I recommend. It is an multi-sheet Excel file that can be imported into Google Drive as well as Numbers for Mac users. Past participants in the Genealogy Do-Over have stated that the file converts cleanly in many programs, even Open Office.

Some genealogists have asked if I could create a similar research log in another program such as Microsoft Word since some people find spreadsheets difficult to use. Due to the nature of tracking information and the need for a very wide table, Word just doesn’t lend itself to a good genealogy research log format. Another option is to place all the fields in a “fillable form;” however, you would then have to create a new document for each record located. And then, how can you quickly see what you’ve found? Open and close a series of documents?

What you decide to use for a genealogy research log is up to you. If you’ve been opposed to using spreadsheets in the past, I just ask you to give the research log above a try.

  • What I Plan to Do: For Cycle 2, I am continuing my research on my parents and my grandparents, tracking To Do items, searches and results.
  • “All-In” Participant Options: Review the research log above including all the worksheet tabs. Decide if you want to use this research log format or create your own. If using your own, include the fields you think are most important to track when doing genealogy research.
  • Modified Participant Options: If you have never used a research log before, consider using the format above or creating your own. Another option is to see if your preferred genealogy database software has a way of tracking research; some have a To Do List option, others have something similar to a Research Log.

Conducting Research

Once you have your research goals and a way to track them, then you’re ready to research. This means both offline research at archives, libraries and repositories as well as online using various free and fee-based resources.

  • What I Plan to Do: I am continuing to track down documents and evidence for each proof point on my To Do List. Right now the focus is on gathering the information, making sure I can remember where it came from and working on source citations and evidence evaluation at a later time.
  • All-In Participant Options: Using whatever tracking form you’ve selected, make sure you enter your research goals. Then start your research (with yourself and your birth date, birth location, etc.) and for each record found, make sure each one is entered and tracked. Copy a link to the record if it is online – you will want an easy way of returning to the record without having to do a search again. Make sure you extract as much information as possible from the record.
  • Modified Participant Options: With your current research, start with yourself. Check to see that all information is accurate, based on your self interview, and make sure each point of data can be tied to at least one record. If something is missing a corresponding record – like a birth location – then mark it as “unsourced” and add it to your To Do List for further research.

* * *

I’ve also added the Genealogy Research Log file over at the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook group. Early next week, I’ll post about my progress and share my actual research log for you to see how I set up research goals and track my research.

Next Week: Week 4, Cycle 2 – 24-30 April 2015

  • Managing Projects and Tasks
  • Tracking Searches

Thanks for being a part of the Genealogy Do-Over and your feedback is always appreciated. You can email me at or post at the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook Group.

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